Your soulmate.

Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored. You could tell them anything and they would never judge you…this person is your soul mate, your best friend…don’t ever let them go.

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  1. I found someone like that but he keeps on slipping away from me… He just can’t commit…What to do about it?

  2. Yes true. When I was very young I met a middle eastern man who changed my life and saved my life.He is deceased now for many years. He is my soul mate. He understood me and loved me and my children and I am forever grateful. I loved him dearly. God sent this man to me for a reason. I do understand why. His name was Reza. Love and miss him.

  3. strange, your story reminds me of my own. When I was 20 I met someone then still a young boy of 19 years….we found out that we went to the same kindergarden, studied at the same elementary school…….we fell in love when we got to realy know each other at twenty……..we fell in love and had a few wonderful months befor I went back to Brazil….4 years later I spent two years in Holland and we were still very much in love…but then, a silly quarrel drove us apart….we met again a few years later…he had gotten married and so had I. We then live the coming 40 years far from each other….he was the one to whom I could say everything, you could also tell me where I went wrong etc. we corresponded for 44 years remembering our lifes and love for each other.He was and will always be my soulmate.He died in June last year. There is no other soulmate and never will be. He was the one and only!!!!!!!!!! This is why I understand you so well.

  4. I’ve met my soul mate wen I was 31 she was 16 years older, we both knew that wen we first seen each other we was meant to be together and it was love at first sight, a year later we was married on 4th may 2002 a year later on 29th November 2003 she passed away, I have since been remarried and now separated from the second wife who was jealous as I have a tattoo memorial of my first true love on my arm as I refused to have it removed, I am now on my own as I know that there’s only one person for me

  5. I found mine when I was 21 n he was 21 we met in college but unfortunately I found out that I was pregnant from a previous relationship,I left him coz I felt I can never make him happy..I gav up on my own happiness n I went bak to the previous coz I thot even if am not happy I want my son to hv both parents..I got married to the father of my son last year n to day we are at the verge of divorce..SO DONT LET YOUR SOULMATE SLIP AWAY..

  6. i’ve met my soulmate when i started uni. When i first met him i had this strange feeling, it was about the last 2 years we’ve gotten so close – and it’s an aamzing feeling to know how much we’ve got in common and how neither of us would judge each other and have long conversations lasting for hours on random things that we both like – that didnt involve talking about people! our moments together were priceless and i would treasure it forever. He however is a muslim and i’m an agnostic – so unfortnately we couldnt be together because it was against his faith – i miss him and love spending veery moment with him and i will never forget him!
    i do believe everyone has a soul mate but i also believe that everyone has only one soulmate – which you may (if lucky) or may not meet (if unlucky) in life

  7. I met my soulmate when I was 16 he was 15. We were hot and heavy for a year and we fell apart. We both moved on but never fell out of love with each other. The guy I was with, well we had a baby. And four months after I had my daughter I left her father and me and my soulmate got back together. After two years he proposed. Six months later decided he was happy and we broke up. When I finally moved on again and let myself fall in love again he decided he wanted me back. And he will always be my soulmate but I’m not his.

  8. I met my soulmate a year and a half ago!! I loss my husband a year and and half ago due to cancer! My soulmate and I was friends when I was still married! Used to talk on the phone about any and everything! We were friends for 8 years. When my husband died he was there for me and we became very close to where as we were suppose to be married after 6 months of dating! I’m so HURT that we are not together at this moment! I miss him and love him dearly, and I so much want to spend the rest of my life with him!! He brings so much joy to my life, he has opened my heart to a new way of love!!
    I’m praying that WE will be together again!!

  9. I feel grateful and blessed that I got to marry my best friend and soulmate…my dear husband…we have been together now for 29 years…

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