Your past

Don’t judge yourself by your past. You don’t live there anymore.

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  1. Following ur ♥.
    I followed my ♥, I had good times and bad times. Sad, happy, mad, upset,but the best thing I got, WAS A MAN WHO LOVED ME UNCONDITIONALLY, ( up until recently, that is),Best of all, I got beautiful children.., 3 boys, and a beautiful little girl. Now, 18 yrs later, It’s a big mess. So I’m just keeping it real.

  2. So hard to do sometime. I have pain, loss and sadness that was their doing and my loss also.

  3. How can the past define you if you have only here and now.The promise you belong to this moment.Intact with everything around you.You are the decision of the universe right now.Hold it, embrace it, make the most of it.Run it.Don’t play it around.It’s important why you are here.

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