Your fight is almost over.

*There are seven billion people in this world who have the potential to love you so that their bones ache with it. There are seven billion pairs of hands to hold, seven billion pairs of lips to kiss. There are seven billion sets of lungs out there, and one of them is anchored deep inside your chest. You will find someone who leaves you breathless.*People who are blind from birth still know how to smile, though they’ve never seen someone else do it.  Happiness is locked somewhere deep inside all of us, even you. Especially you. You are a fighter. The key to that happiness is clutched inside your fist. It is tucked beneath bloodied knuckles. Your fight is almost over, darling. You will stand victorious. You will let that happiness out. * Sometimes, it hurts to feel. This I know, but I also know  it is so much worse to be numb. Let your heart throb against your ribs, let that defiant drumbeat shake the marrow of your bones. Hold on, baby. Soon enough, no one will ever let you go.


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  1. Is this for real? Or It’s just a Dream. No I don’t believe it. It’s a Fantasy….Damn it.

  2. Perfect timing. I’ve all but given up. Is the one really out there? Show me Lord. This is not desperation, its reality..

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