You will miss me.

I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you, you will miss me being there, putting up with you, and refusing to give up on you. You’re going to regret everything you’ve done to me, including all the damage you caused. Someday, you’ll look back and wish things could be different. I might have been worthless to you, but I am of great value to myself.~Unknown

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  1. I realize this already now. But what can I do to date you, to see you and be with you…I suffer not less than yo.

    1. Noonespecial…it is not too late to express your feelings to this individual. Let him/her know how you feel. It may be out of your comfort zone but at least take the opportunity to say how you feel from the heart. Its better to have an open conversation than live a life in regret not knowing what could have been in regards to this connection.

      1. Agree commenter Missing you…better late than never….better expressed than to have not said the concerns that need to be addressed….

  2. v true m, indeed i appreciate what you ve said ,so im trying to change for better , pls note who knows one day you might be saying the same for me , god bless!

    1. These were my words when you left me… Now I feel bad having said because no one should suffer like tis. But GOD is there for sure. I may not be able to be back but definitely pray that everything gets erased from our memories.

      1. No commwnter Worthless…having said that that time means you felt something real…now that you have moved on, good.

        Past can never be erased from our memories…part of here a virtual reality. Can only be hidden but cannot be deleted for they are protected and locked with a password only the two souls know. Even the Tech dinosaur doesn’t know the password…

        1. I agree with ARLENE, worthless you are on a good way, and you can not erase memory, but you can work on a better memory for future. And passwords I think can always be hacked, no? Well perhaps not…

          1. I agree but my story is so strange and i dont arrive at any answer that i convince myself.
            I only wish my memory gets lost so i dont remember anything. And dont recognize anyone.

          2. commenter noonespecial, the passwords imprinted in the mind and in the heart cannot be deleted even by Tech dinosaurs (right Wow Man)…

  3. This post makes me so sad..

    This distance is hurting me. I don’t know why we haven’t been speaking but everyday you are on my mind. I cant just forget you. I love you so much and one day I hope you are able to see it was genuine.

    1. There is no way i see that God will show. But then y God showed me the truth now, atleast i could have been a fool throughout. Why he woke me and now i cant believe wat i c n hear… strange, its a bad spell n curse…

    2. Indeed sad commenter Missing you…wish you can communicate with that person regularly….even for deep friendship sake…

  4. ohh no worthless it will not be a bad curse if it is love. There are always misgivings and contradictions, but often we build them ourselves. And misssingyou, I feel the same way. Distance hurts and makes you very sensitive to every slightest negative feeling. Yes, we have to speak more and more honestly with one another, (if there is the opportunity) instead of worrying about everything.

    1. agree commenter and mature, objective communication helps build a more wonderful world of nice and positive people all over the world no matter what the distance is…

    1. hahaha, Petya, I love this…well in my dreams I did this practise lots of times, but in real life you should not make a drama!

    2. Yes commenter Petya, you have all the rights not to let that lovedone.friend go away so that there would be no missing….keep him.her in your heart and enjoy loving….

      and correct commenter noonespecial, dramas are just fictitious stories….yet these dramas touch our lives…our initiative and creativity…at times it soothes our soul and enlivens our spirit….

      Real world is different I say.

      1. ohh, seems to me twisted. There are so many dramas in the real world. Of course also imaginary dramas in the mental world … what is the real world then? … and why are the dramas chasing us, even though we are peace-loving and good-hearted?

        1. Imaginary world is what we create in our minds…real world is where we live…dramas chase us because we are actors and actresses o the Stage of Life…just a matter of acting in us the best we could…right commenter noonespecial??

  5. Commenter Arlene or one especial I apologized back in July to save face from 2 families fighting, that apology broke my heart and have missed that one ever since and suffered everyday since with thoughts of a new but unwelcoming family which I would have to demand… July of 2016 l left went too 100th anniversary of the park to catch the group you first turned me on to… you were not there… silly of me to assume…why would you since I am much older and have went through a medical down turn… thought you were the angel or someone who really cared through it all…even though I was always blocked… can understand why…was I wrong and should I have never tried to give input? I understood your anger after this july’s Apologies…l’ve discussed my desire with my wife w/o names… she wanted too get me a surrogate…it’s been argued since Thursday…l don’t really care who knows… or if you want to pull my cover…I been honest on both ends and it will probably f_ck up my life…so be it…getting my 100% health back is #1 concern…that’s why l stated a while ago “if you love something let it go if it comes back you have something beautiful, if it doesn’t, you didn’t have anything anyway”. If this was all a delusion on my part excuse me…see me on linked in. Am I crazy to feel for another I don’t really know? They’re are 2 lovers l don’t want to see affected by us…GTM…now you know. And yes l am guilty of emotional cheating. The unknown Dr Morgan & K. Parker with permission l loved them posts. I remain always… you and your crew now know. I still pray and hope you get what you want…is that enough honest?

    1. Hmmm..commenter Wow Man, good to note you are taking primary care to your health….that’s nice..

      Indeed…loving someone you don’t know may not be crazy but sounds like weird. In loving, you got to have the feel…and the reason why.

      Wishing us all be granted what is best for us for we are much of value than any diamonds on Earth.

  6. Commentator Wow Man, I unfortunately did not understand anything of what you wrote, but ARLENE’s answer is surely fitting and encouraging. I wish you all the best!

  7. I am confused I thought nonespecial and AGB were the same person and your right I don’t know the password. My brain is whacked way too much over thinking. No confirmation about the anonymous Dr. Morgan posts.

    1. Dear WOW Man, no, I´m not AGB. Well I did not understand all of what you wrote, but you are right to look after your health and I think that most of our thoughts here are just self made problems and misunderstandings. I´m sure that nobody want to damage you or want to pull your cover. Just in reading your problems I recognized, that I missed also to act a lot the last half year. And this just because I did not understand some things.Well the summer is gone, but maybe the autumn and winter gives some chances….I wish you all the best.

    2. Yes, commenter Wow Man (Guy Masters?)…noonespecial and AGB are not the same….take care of your general health…

      Let us live a happy life.

  8. This problem is no one, because he had and has many chances to change the situation. She had said several times, that she loves him. So it is time, to make the life normal. If he wants to get something, he has to choose the normal way. That it is.

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