You will be happy again.

No matter how bad it hurts or how bad you feel, it’s time to stop thinking about that person who played with your feelings, who took your love for granted, who never appreciated your care, who wasn’t contented with what you could give him or her. You can’t stay at that hurtful place anymore. You can’t keep shedding tears over someone who doesn’t deserve the love you gave. You can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself and thinking if only you did more. You can’t make them want the relationship because if they wanted they wouldn’t have let go of you.
You deserve better now. You deserve someone who appreciates you and who won’t play with your delicate heart.. Just like a cut on your hand will take time to heal, your broken heart needs time to heal as well. That’s not the end of your life. You will get over that pain you’re having right now and one day you’ll be happy again.
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  1. Yeah, soon I hope even it took forever to me. N somebody didn’t get how younger people think. I wish you luck if you have found your new gf. Congratulations. LoL

  2. hmmmm u spoke to me directly but the feeling is still there. I just cant forget him. he took my luv for granted n let me go and now we are both in unhappy marriages and we regretted our actions
    but its too late

  3. I can’t forget him, i love him with all my heart & he threw me away like garbage. I cry over him everyday & it feels like i will never be ok.

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