You start dying slowly.

You start dying slowly if you do not travel, if you do not read, If you do not listen to the sounds of life, If you do not appreciate yourself. You start dying slowly When you kill your self-esteem; When you do not let others help you. You start dying slowly If you become a slave of your habits, Walking everyday on the same paths… If you do not change your routine, If you do not wear different colours Or you do not speak to those you don’t know. You start dying slowly If you avoid to feel passion And their turbulent emotions; Those which make your eyes glisten And your heart beat fast. You start dying slowly If you do not change your life when you are not satisfied with your job, or with your love, If you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain, If you do not go after a dream, If you do not allow yourself At least once in your lifetime, To run away from sensible advice… By Pablo Neruda

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  1. I truly need to get out of my prison I have created,I am dying slowly I can only hope things will get turned around in my life soon,I am not ready to go right now.

  2. Deborah,

    I do not know how you feel but I know how I felt and still feel… Feels like your in a hole all alone and each day that hole gets deeper and deeper. I would hate when people would tell me “it will all work out” “you have to be strong” or they say nothing at all. It would anger, sadden and make my hole even deeper. Part of me knew that they were trying to help but it didn’t help.

    I don’t know you or your situation but your feelings are real and your feelings have made your life a prison.

    I shouldn’t be giving advice because I’m not in the best place but I care about people. You stated you don’t want to leave this world. I don’t want you to leave this world but if you feeling that bad please seek help.

    You have a future where you will be happy. Just keep fighting.

  3. Am dying slowly imside , stuck in one life caught in the past living everyday like its the same … I cant wait to start living my life …

  4. As long as you wait for change it will not come since you are the only person to change things. I’ve been depressed for the past ~10 years and always waited for the moment everything would change and I’m free again but that never came and will never come on its own. now i started doing it myself with meditation and lots of exercises – I hope you find the power to change yourself 🙂

  5. We all have regrets, make mistakes and wish we did things different in life. Everyone does but the people that don’t get stuck accept their mistake, their regret and don’t hold onto as I do or others. It’s easier said then done I’m learning myself as I go along on this ride called life. Love yourself, learn for forgive yourself and most importantly know that yesterday does not control tomorrow. I am not a professional but I’m speaking from experiences. Life isn’t easy, especially these days when it seems people could care less about their neighbor but don’t overthink. When the mind over thinks is when you implant bad things about yourself in your head. I know how hard it was for me but getting out and finding something you enjoy or just going to a nice park for a walk will do good.

    During my bad period, I forced myself to get out because I felt as you did trapped in a prison. Anyone reading this if your having a hard time in life, please know that there is good in life you just have to keep fighting and the end result will be worth the work.

    It’s never to late to change no matter what age you maybe. Please seek help if you feel like you have no option.

    Tomorrow will be better and if it’s not the next day will be.
    Forget about yesterday’s regrets and today’s pains.
    We live for the future
    as we can’t control the past.

    Nicholas Ardino

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