You should tell people.

You should tell people how important they are to youAlways.

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  1. Do it when they can still hear, because the words mean more in a voice they know. Do it while they can still respond back, even if it’s a bit gruff because you will know what they mean. If they can’t have a conversation, bring along a friend and if the two of you can chat about fun times shared, your loved one can enjoy the memories too. Stroke their hands or back, read silly stories (Dr. Seuss) or share an adult picture book (Norman Rockwell) or poems or favorite music (if they went to the opera enough they don’t need captions to know what’s happening in La Boheme. Don’t let the cleaning staff put on the shopping channel) If they used to read to you, read those things back to them,
    All of these are ways to communicate. If you can’t be there in person, be there on the phone. Share silly jokes, funny stories. Leave them with a good time remembered. That’s your gift.

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