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Published on September 8, 2020 in Picture Quotes, Revive

Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day you might wake up and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars.


  1. Debbie pesce September 9, 2020 Reply

    Thank you Bridgette

    I have met my 1 love and through out this plaque that COVID-19 has deemed upon us it’s been horrific for all

    I’m blessed I have found my 1 partner, soul mate and best friend

    Glad u are well and your sister

  2. Christopher Gale September 9, 2020 Reply

    Yes I lost my Moon but my Ex discarded her Sun 2 years ago when she and left isolated going through the toughest time in my life alone. The only information that I ever got was about her dating and having sex with many different men and the infrequent random attacks from her on ghost screen names. I will always love and care about her. But I can’t stand that she’s done so much damage and doesn’t try to find any fairness, love or even kindness for me. She destroyed my heart with lies and then nothing but hur for me and I am just going to know that she changed course by ESP. I will shed tears for the rest of my life for her and I’m sorry that I couldn’t live under a vail of lies happily not knowing what she was thinking. I cherished her and our marriage and I miss more than she will ever know. That Love Hurrs more than anything we ever did to each other!

  3. Sarwat khan September 9, 2020 Reply

    I agree 👍 A lots of people out there who does the same mistake and in the end they regret

  4. Chris September 10, 2020 Reply

    This was and is my heart in print after my wife and I both lost our fathers. Somehow the marriage was turned to dust and the Moon and Stars quote reminded me of this note that I wrote to her. Sometimes people see bad that isn’t there while not seeing the love that has been payed to bare.


    I need you to know that this has been my most significant life crisis ever and I’m glad we’re going forward together as a team! I need you and I need my back guaranteed back up.

    This the first major life crisis that I could not call my Pop to help me through it all. Obviously if he was here it would have helped everything and everything. I miss my Dad and I can’t help you avoid the pain of losing your life long rock. You need to know that decisions will never be as simple as they had been when your Dad was here with,

    Just know that I understand and we’ll make many mistakes with each other because we don’t have the wise guidance that I know I took for granted. Please believe that I’m on your team and I know life is much more difficult and complicated without them but we didn’t get a vote with our allotted time with them but we’ll deal with it.

    Life will be hard, unfair and ridiculous but I need you to be my rock and I want to be yours. Trust me and give the information that I need and I promise to do the same for you.

    I miss my Father and I can’t live with the thought of ever losing you. Please help me to be your rock and I will be yours. No guessing, no investigation just straight up real life honesty and loyalty without fault. I need you and I need the safety of undiluted trust, understanding and respect. I will always provide you with no less than what I’m asking from you and I don’t ever want you to feel that you don’t have a “rock”.

    Your my goals in life all in one passage and I wish that you never have to go through what I’m going through. Just know that I understand more than most how this is exactly the most horrible experience without them but we can deal with anything together and don’t do well without each obviously.

    I will always have your back and I will never hurt you or Mom in anyway no matter how mad I may get you two are never in danger of me physically hurting either one of you. I don’t have the wisdom that our fathers had but I promise to always do not only what is best but I will do what is required. That bell cannot be un-rung so use that power wisely but anything short of someone being victimized by scum I will do my best to step up and be the Rock. Please do understand that I’m done fighting, I’m only interested in giving and receiving Love and Respect and if isn’t real it’s not of interest to me but when it’s real, I’ll always be there.

    “Sometimes doing our best isn’t enough, sometimes we need to do what is required”  That’s my mantra and it’s “forever more!”

    See ya

  5. Dixie September 10, 2020 Reply

    love this….

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