You have to move on.

Moving on and getting over someone is one of the hardest things you have to do in life. Especially if it’s with someone you saw your future with.So you have to move on the right way. Get your closure from them and tell them everything you ever wanted to tell them, how much you love them, how much you hate them, etc. So you will have no regrets or what ifs. Then tell them goodbye forever. If they let you leave without a fight for you, then they’re not worth it anyways. It’s going to hurt like hell. Allow yourself to be sad. To be angry. But you have to wake up every day and continue your life without them. It’s always easier said than done. So just let time heal your wounds. This is a time for you to heal. To take care of your heart. One day you will wake up and you won’t miss them anymore.

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  1. Omg,

    How this quote resonates with me.

    My gut tells me she my x partner, says she loves me, but hrr sctions speak louder tben eords.

    It was a great feeling to stand up for me walk away from someone that I love and in love with but my heart kept breaking every few months and I said to myself if it happens again no matter how hard it is I need to walk away.

    I let the butterfly go and if it comes back it needs to come back with the understanding of therapy intense counseling and commitment otherwise it’s not going to happen

    Thank you for once I gather some extra cash around I plan to donate and purchase and hopefully go on one of these Retreats that I so often said I would love to go to alone or I may bring a friend not sure yet

    Thank you again


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