You have to let things go.

Sometimes you have to let things go so there’s room for better things to come into your life.

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  1. especially when things do not go the way i like and someone thinks that she or he is in a correct path, I had to let it go and cross my fingers and pray that I dont have tOsay I told you.

  2. First stop crying in website and blogs. Make a life and live without hurting others.Don’t ever create politics in others wont be able to undo the shame you give to someone amongst their own family.Dont maintain secrecy in relationships with one person in the family after talking Ill about their owns. Because you feel it’s proving you gentleman but infact they laugh at you. If you quit don’t look back to prove yourself. My family has punished me enough and you don’t need to verify. And lastly, don’t try to repeat the same to me again. Never use other men to play with me. No one will ever do this to any woman.
    And finally just leave others in peace. You won’t be forgiven but yes i will get a chance to heal.

  3. I wish you marry your friend, give your past affairs with her a chance. Enjoy movies, lunch in the same plates and make her family yours. Her efforts to win over you may be needs to be recognised. She is the perfect match for you. I m sure you had a great time with her. But I also hope you both don’t cross my way again!

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