You have always been deserving of love.

Forget what you’ve been told. Small people with small minds and small hearts, they needed you small so they could feel bigger. Hiding behind and tearing you down in the hope you’d never realize how lacking they were. You have always been the lifeblood to their emptiness. Coward every last one. You never need to earn love, prove you are worthy, live up to their expectations or dance on eggshells. You have always been worthy of love for no other reason than who you are is deserving. For the fact you draw breath. That your heart beats furiously. You have always been deserving of love. You were just surrounded by people who didn’t deserve you.
-Jason King

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  1. This is wonderful…and so true. It means a lot that these ideas were epressed by a man at this time in my life. Thank you, Jason…I’m saving this!!!

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