You deserve to be really happy.

You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart. Someone who can help you reach your dreams and who can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy. Someone who should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of becoming scared and being too afraid to try.
Cecelia Ahern,

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  1. There are people like that. I know because I’m one of them. So, be positive to attract positive people. Be loving to attract loving people. Be good to attract good people. Be kind, appreciaitve, considerate, thoughtful, compassionate, passionate, helpful, caring and giving to attract the same. Be trusting and trustful, open, honest and forthright. Let go of the pain and negativity caused by others so you don’t evaluate others with filters. We’re here patiently waiting for the same type of love. Just believe it when it happens instead of doubting it’s to good to be true. Fulfill your dreams by fulfilling his. God bless and good luck.

  2. Yes, there is. He just responded to your comment…and I know I’m not alone, because I have friends of both sexes that fit the description.

    In my case, the only change to the description would be the last part, as follows (and intended for someone very dear to me):

    Someone with whom you should have taken the chance to be with years ago instead of becoming scared and being too afraid to try.

  3. Connie,
    They are out there, I promise! I met mine at the age of 15, he was the popular guy in school (football player) and I was a nobody, but his best friend. I wasn’t brave enough to tell him how I felt until this year (after he told me that he has been in love with me since our sophomore year in high school!) We’ve known each other for 32 years! We’re getting married May 7, 2016, so trust me, they are out there!!!!!!

  4. Yes there are people like that but the challenge is finding them.We so wish to love and be loved

  5. I think I’m one of the “too afraid to try” people. I’ve been burned one too many times. I just stopped looking/hoping and learned to be happy alone.

  6. They are out there…I met mine when I was 15. A few months ago he realized he still has feelings for me after so many years. Now it’s complicated for him but I’m taking a chance on him which I should’ve done years ago. I’m following my heart. After so many years the feelings we have for each other still exist. Here’s to faith, hope, love…. Positive vibes.

  7. Yes!!Wonderful people are “out there”.Be patient,prepared,positive:)I married my perfect one..last week.

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