You deserve someone who’s real and loyal.

You deserve someone who will be honest with you. You deserve someone who will respect you. Someone who will treasure your heart. Someone who would never abuse your trust and who will cherish you. You deserve someone who will stand there, hold you in their arms after a fight, and will never leave you, no matter how hard things can get. You deserve someone who’s REAL and loyal.
Never settle for less.

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  1. This is so true alot of women always settle for less because they think that’s all there is but let me tell you that’s not true you deserve all that God has for you in life and if you trust and ask him to send that right one for you he deserve someone that will always have your back no matter what someone you can tell anything to that will take care of your heart mind and soul forever someone you can believe in when they say I truly love you with everything in me someone that won’t walk away when things go wrong in life if you allow god in your relationship or marriage you will have less disappointments.

  2. I’m crying for that jean ooh now I can’t sleep again crying again hole night long watch and I will have sunglasses tomorrow if God will spare me another night Amen please don’t tell anybody hey jean

  3. Yeah, trust is the watch words in any good relationship & a good deal to be successful…..

  4. Yeah, trust is the watch words in any good relationship & a good deal to be successful…..

  5. This is so true but sometimes your heart gets broken so much that it’s hard to let someone close and into your life to have a strong relationship the thought of the heart getting broken again stops a lot of people letting a partner get so close and trust again

  6. Trust, faithfulness, respect & believe r the fundamental ingredients in marriage, that we all know.
    But sometimes it happens in a way that u cud never anticipates that ur most trusted person, ur pride, ur ego, ur support is playing bad tricks on U.
    How u take it? When some incidents suddenly veer ur attention that what is happening under ur nose but u r oblivious?

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