You are the only sea worth exploring.

“I hope you find someone who is brave enough to enter your storm, and respects you enough to love the size of your waves. I hope you find someone who will relish the calm you can have, and who is eager to set sail on the expanse of your mind. I hope you find someone that can’t escape the love they have for you, because now they have you in their very blood, always reminding them that you are the only sea worth exploring.”
— T.B. LaBerge

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  1. thank you for this and all the encouraging words you send my way.. You know it may not touch me right away or it may not seem like it’s not a message for me, but I don’t delete it! I go back and read thru those in the folder and it will Hit Me! So thanks for the kick in the …… Brain that I needed it.
    Thank you!!!!

  2. This is engraved and will always be in the core of my heart forever!I love it so much!Thank you:)

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