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Published on November 10, 2018 in Picture Quotes, Revive

Some of us have been through things so traumatic that the human mind isn’t built to handle but we fight and persevere every single day and night. If that’s not strength I don’t what is. You are a survivor.


  1. Loretta November 10, 2018 Reply

    I agree. I’ve been told I’m a survivor @ being involved in an auto accident, being unconscious for three weeks, seven broken bones in my face, and I now have a brain scar and will take medication the remainder of my life. However, I live a normal life doing the things other people do.
    Also, I was involved in a marriage with someone suffering bi-polar disorder. I practiced tough love and we were separated 5-6 months this past summer. He is now taking two medications, we’ve been doing marital counseling with a Christian counselor, and doing a daily devotional.
    I’ve survived because the Lord has been in my life and he wasn’t through with me yet.

  2. Lulu November 13, 2018 Reply

    Once upon a time there was a son who was ungrateful with his dad. So he came to me. He was digging grave outside of the castle, very angry indeed. So I asked him what he is doing. He said he wants bury him alive, then I asked why, he said that he destroyed all our business. Now he must understand that the person who was digging wasn’t me neither his dad but himself, anger overtaking his beautiful soul. Forgive everything as we all do…..and enjoy every precious moment with his dad. Blood is blood…..

  3. Lulu November 14, 2018 Reply

    Never think that I am trying to get back someone else. You don’t know what is in my mind, so relax and enjoy your own life. Definitely not someone who uses single mother as his weapon. Big shame on you, it tells a lot about you

  4. Lulu November 14, 2018 Reply

    ….and again trying to threat a single mother. Will you ever stop blaming other people for your own mistakes. Yes we understood that you have been stabbed, used, lied you name it so do other people as well. But they don’t write it…………………

  5. iam November 15, 2018 Reply


  6. Sharon November 15, 2018 Reply

    This has been a very hard year! I had a motorcycle accident , was in hospital for 2 weeks, had injuries from head to toe. My closest cousin died 3 months later, then my aunt 2 months later then my grandmother died last weekend of June, then the first week of October my mother was diagnosed with cancer only has a 5 year living expectation. I have bipolar so this this year has been tourture! I just pray that the Lord will see me threw this and give me strength to persever threw it all!

  7. Janis November 16, 2018 Reply

    Living with a person who is “Dr. Jeckl and Mr. Hyde” for a prolonged period of time has made me Empathetic to all others around me. The Day to Day living with him was a total nightmare for us-our two boys and myself. The good times were there but in the context of ” Waiting For The Second Shoe to Drop”! When I was beaten up and almost killed by him I realized nothing I had done or would do would Heal him-and Believe me, I Tried Everything! I came from a very broken background-alcoholic father, alcoholic stepfather-a mother who had many neuroses and had complete “nervous breakdown”. I was her Mother and she was my child. I broke the cycle after that severe beating I did not deserve in any way. I received some counseling; but mainly I realized I needed to value myself. Because of this Choice I am Very Happy, living my life to the fullest-have been married to a Winderful Soul of a man for 23 years. We have traveled the world together and are having the Best Times of Our Lives!!!

  8. Jackie November 21, 2018 Reply

    I was shot in my car at lunch by a boy who claimed he wanted a light for a blunt, and I mouthed No, sorry… Then 8 pops ring in my head. I took 6 shots and now has changed my life forever…changed how I think of trusting anyone but family and certain friends… luckily, God has always been in my Life and has kept me positive!!! Now gave the right therapy as well!!! God takes care of those who have Faith!!! It is so sereal and I am I learning to be me again with Love to share and to help others who need the same!!!”Moment By Moment” I like to say… Smile today, it’s contagious and we are here…don’t blame and live life with Love in ur heart and Soul… Amen, make it so!!!

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