You are a survivor.

Some of us have been through things so traumatic that the human mind isn’t built to handle but we fight and persevere every single day and night. If that’s not strength I don’t what is. You are a survivor.

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  1. I agree. I’ve been told I’m a survivor @ being involved in an auto accident, being unconscious for three weeks, seven broken bones in my face, and I now have a brain scar and will take medication the remainder of my life. However, I live a normal life doing the things other people do.
    Also, I was involved in a marriage with someone suffering bi-polar disorder. I practiced tough love and we were separated 5-6 months this past summer. He is now taking two medications, we’ve been doing marital counseling with a Christian counselor, and doing a daily devotional.
    I’ve survived because the Lord has been in my life and he wasn’t through with me yet.

  2. Once upon a time there was a son who was ungrateful with his dad. So he came to me. He was digging grave outside of the castle, very angry indeed. So I asked him what he is doing. He said he wants bury him alive, then I asked why, he said that he destroyed all our business. Now he must understand that the person who was digging wasn’t me neither his dad but himself, anger overtaking his beautiful soul. Forgive everything as we all do…..and enjoy every precious moment with his dad. Blood is blood…..

  3. Never think that I am trying to get back someone else. You don’t know what is in my mind, so relax and enjoy your own life. Definitely not someone who uses single mother as his weapon. Big shame on you, it tells a lot about you

  4. ….and again trying to threat a single mother. Will you ever stop blaming other people for your own mistakes. Yes we understood that you have been stabbed, used, lied you name it so do other people as well. But they don’t write it…………………

  5. This has been a very hard year! I had a motorcycle accident , was in hospital for 2 weeks, had injuries from head to toe. My closest cousin died 3 months later, then my aunt 2 months later then my grandmother died last weekend of June, then the first week of October my mother was diagnosed with cancer only has a 5 year living expectation. I have bipolar so this this year has been tourture! I just pray that the Lord will see me threw this and give me strength to persever threw it all!

  6. Living with a person who is “Dr. Jeckl and Mr. Hyde” for a prolonged period of time has made me Empathetic to all others around me. The Day to Day living with him was a total nightmare for us-our two boys and myself. The good times were there but in the context of ” Waiting For The Second Shoe to Drop”! When I was beaten up and almost killed by him I realized nothing I had done or would do would Heal him-and Believe me, I Tried Everything! I came from a very broken background-alcoholic father, alcoholic stepfather-a mother who had many neuroses and had complete “nervous breakdown”. I was her Mother and she was my child. I broke the cycle after that severe beating I did not deserve in any way. I received some counseling; but mainly I realized I needed to value myself. Because of this Choice I am Very Happy, living my life to the fullest-have been married to a Winderful Soul of a man for 23 years. We have traveled the world together and are having the Best Times of Our Lives!!!

  7. I was shot in my car at lunch by a boy who claimed he wanted a light for a blunt, and I mouthed No, sorry… Then 8 pops ring in my head. I took 6 shots and now has changed my life forever…changed how I think of trusting anyone but family and certain friends… luckily, God has always been in my Life and has kept me positive!!! Now gave the right therapy as well!!! God takes care of those who have Faith!!! It is so sereal and I am I learning to be me again with Love to share and to help others who need the same!!!”Moment By Moment” I like to say… Smile today, it’s contagious and we are here…don’t blame and live life with Love in ur heart and Soul… Amen, make it so!!!

  8. In 2010 my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He started treatment after a massive operation That didnt work. During this time I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer and i underwent a double mastectomy. Myself and my husband both went for out chemotherapy together. I finnished my treatment on 20th March 2012 Sadly a few days later my husband was admitted to hospital and he sadly passed away on 29th March 2012 My son Matthew was my rock what a star and he was only 21 We both supported each other I also suffer from type 1 diabetes and i am insulin dependant. I have had lots of ups and downs and medical problems with it and my son has always supported me In 2014 i lost my mum to cancer and i was broken Again my son supported me then in december 2017 i was admitted to hospital with sepsis and i had to have my leg amputated i was devistated and Matthew helped me through it Sadly in July 2018 my beautiful son Matthew sadly commited suicide that day a big part of me died too my world came to an end. We are now8 months on My life will never be the same but to keep my sons memory alive i have a foundation called M O D S Matt Oliver against depression and suicide I help to council young people by listening my mantra is if i can help just 1 person then my son hasnt died in vain so i think im quite a strong person #itsoknottobeok

  9. I was born 2 months premature with a severe birth defect that took seven surgeries to correct. My first surgery was when I was a day old. I didn’t get to go home until I was a few months old. My last surgery was at four years of age.

    I had learning disabilities that weren’t known about at that time. I was punished at school by the teachers and picked on by the other kids a lot for being different. So I went through hell as a kid.

    For whatever reason, I was involved in a few car accidents as a kid too. Nothing serious, such as injuries. Just smashed up the car. It was never my mother’s fault because she had the right of way and the other drivers were drunk and would speed through the intersection.

    I swear that blue 70’s Dodge that she had was cursed or possessed by something. We had more accidents in that car!

    My father passed away from cancer when I was 10 years old.

    My mom remarried when I was 14. The guy was a drunken asshole who liked to hit me a lot, umtil I told him im the kitchen that if he hit me again I’d hit him with a kitchen chair. He didn’t hit me after that.

    I left home at 18 and learned some lessons the hard way.

    I’ve been mugged, had my elbow dislocated and fractured during the robbery. The guy was built like a football player and ran up from behind me and knocked me down. He grabbed my back pack and I started to try to hold on to it. He picked me up and body slammed me. That’s how my elbow got injured. So, went to the hospital, docs say it was a slight fracture and put it in a splint. Later on when it was time to have the splint/cast thing taken off, my friend Joseph helped me with it and realized that my elbow was dislocated. He asked me if I wanted him to put it back in place. I told him “Okay” and he did. It hurt like hell, but at least my elbow was finally ok.

    Anyway, I have been through a lot more than this, but this is just a short bit.

    1. Hi April, I read your story and you sure are a survivor! Very courageous. You inspired me! You are such a brave soul and despite all your adversities, here you are telling your story! Im sure someone will read this and it will give them the will to hang on, the will to persevere. You are a fighter and you’ll make the best decisions because you love and value yourself enough to say, “I am worth it!”
      ~ Brigitte

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