This year I’ve been through a lot.

This year I’ve been through a lot. There’s been ups and downs that I could easily say it’s been a bad year but I’m still here. I’m still able to learn, grow, smile past the struggles and count my blessings. So for that I just want to say thank you to everyone and everything who’s still in my life.


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  1. Agree…..even for those who are there and will be there in my thoughts and in my heart forever…thank you so much.

  2. The message reflects exactly what I have gone through in 2017 and I thank God that I am in the last month of the year. I hope 2018 shall be a better year to our family. I thank God for His love

  3. Great message, I nearly lost my Spouse during childbirth, I had a car crash. At a time I was unwell. So many things happened but Tnxs I’m still here by His Grace & Friends that stood by me. What a Grace? Looking back , the year cant be said to be bad. NO! I’m still here, some others are not. Thanks

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