Words for the wise.

There are people who have broken your heart. Who have hurt you. Who have broken your trust. But look carefully. There are some who love you, who trust you and are proud of you. Yes, there were things that didn’t work. There were moments when life was really harsh. But think carefully. There were moments when things worked out the way you wanted. When you were smiling. When life was pleasant. Yes, you made mistakes. You felt bad for yourself. But think carefully. There were moments when you were proud of yourself. When you followed your heart. When you did what you wanted to do. So relax. Your past is gone. Shape your future and have fun in the present. Life is never the way we want it to be. But that’s the way it is. You are not perfect. No one else is. You have flaws. Everyone has. You made mistakes. Everyone has. You failed at something. Everyone has. You can try again. So relax. You are a good human being. You are lovable. You are beautiful. Don’t be so harsh on your life. Love yourself. Because you deserve the best and that is you.

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  1. Hi i need advice. My husband has some kind of bad attitute. He only thinks of himself, don’t even care for me, don’t even think to buy our own house despite he has a good paying job, he only wanted to have a car, he doesn’t care to have a baby knowing he has infertility problem yet he don’t want to have it cured thru surgery. I keep on telling to have it checked w/ the doctore but with no response. He had infedility issues. We keep on quarelling. Im really dreaming of having a child/family. I plan to leave him and separate. I believe my decision is right? Is it really right? Hoping to hear from your advices. Thank you.

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