To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on February 4, 2014 in Picture Quotes

Actions do speak louder than words and promises mean nothing without proof.

Photography by Denise Hecht


  1. Stephanie Albers February 5, 2014 Reply

    I have to say thank you so much for your words and quotes of wisdom. Your site has helped me overcome much pain done by someone I trusted and deeply cared for. Thank you for helping me to see that I am valuable and not allow the shortcomings of others to dictate how I feel about myself. I am so grateful to have found the Lessons Learned In Life website! Thank you from my heart.

    • Author
      Brigitte February 6, 2014 Reply

      Thank you so much Stephanie

  2. Atlantis March 26, 2014 Reply

    Absolutely …

  3. Steffi1970 July 24, 2017 Reply

    thank you so much for these words. I always try to act, because I am not very good in words. I prefer a hug instead of 1000 words. But how to act and proof without meeting? I just prayed to god, the first time since long time. Is love something you can proof? And if yes,how can I proof my love only with words?

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