With you it’s worth every second of it.

I don’t just want to marry you to wake up to you every day or be with you forever. I want to marry you because marriage is hard, raising kids is hard, debt and bills and relatives and jobs and blending two families and lives is hard and you’re the person l want to go through good and bad times with. Life is never going to magically be all butterflies and rainbows just because you marry your soul mate. Life is hard and I want to marry you and love you every day through every bump in the road. I want to marry you to be your rock through every curve ball and to look at you when everything else is falling apart. I don’t want to marry you because it’s cute and exciting. I want to marry you because it’s real and hard work and a lifetime of ups and downs and with you it’s worth every second of it.

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  1. this post is a treasure! I think many people get married, because of butterflies, romantic and just the wish to be lucky married. Thinking of solving hard times, problems and daily stuff together should be more important, because this is real life. If you do not think about this, you risk, that you do not manage life as a couple, but as a single person living in a community.

    1. Hello commenter Anie…people marry because of “love”…marriage realities were not yet explained in details while two people are madly in love yet…..hence, marriage is not a joke….it is a sacrifice….. a challenge and may not be a burden when the two involved are both of positive vibes…..

  2. Indeed… nice poetry for those who wish to get into marriage…good luck guyz…..

  3. Walk in my lady… as u did so sacrifices. my heart is always open for u, as it was earlier. Force me to do things. Because I am herd. Break me with u r true love. I want to see u r eyes, want to feel that deep pain.

    1. Commenter Akash hello….why do you have to see her in pain? Is it not when you get locked in in marriage, there is joy? Joy in living together forever?….

  4. Marriage is not a joke- a lifetime contract of commitment.

    For those who want to go into it…think of it a thousand times….yet it’s worth striving for ’til the end of time.

    1. Good luck commenter Petya….marriage teaches you lots of lessons….first- commitment… and the rest follows…..

    1. welcome always commenter Petya…you seem to be a deep and serious person. I may not know you in person but can only assess you in the way you make your comments here in this page.

      Good luck in everything you do….

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