She will love you like you have never been loved before.

She doesn’t need expensive gifts. She doesn’t need expensive dinners. I mean sure all of those things would be nice but, all she really needs is you. She needs your listening ear when she is ready to vent. She needs your shoulder to cry on when life gets hard on her. She needs your words of encouragement when she is getting ready to pursue her dreams. She needs to be able to feel safe around you, and know that you have her best interest when it comes to her heart. And if it’s taking her a while to let you in, she isn’t trying to punish you. She just doesn’t want to repeat making the same mistakes she has made in the past of giving a man her all, just to find out that he couldn’t match her effort. Love her genuinely. Love her patiently. Love her passionately. And last but not least, love her consistently and in return, she will love you like you have never been loved before.

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  1. you are right Arlene. but if you are in a cetain state of longing, you try to give all your best for it, no?

    1. Yes commenter Anie, you have to give all the best efforts…sincere and nice friends are so hard to find especially nowadays….

  2. Arlene, do you know where I can change my username, because I changed my wordpressside username, in the name of the rabbit, but here it still stck the old name…soor for asking here, but I do not know whom I can ask….

    1. I also do not know commenter Anie…all I remember is I liked this page and entered my USERNAME with the yahoo.mail….hence I am really the name as the user you see….

      Your case is the same with Steffi1970, she.he also wants to change but do not know how….

  3. Thanks Arlene, o.k. I wrote an email at lessonslearned, and may be will try again. I there is not sucess, well than I don´t care…

  4. This is not a romantic novel, everything went through her fingers.She has lost, but the One she loves deserves better and she is going to prove that this is exactly what she is now.

    1. You are really smart commenter Petya…great..Happy and Prosperous Year 2018 to you both noonespecial…

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