Why I am who I am.

If I ever tell you about my past, it’s never because I want you to feel sorry for me, but so you can understand why I am who I am.

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  1. I don’t let many people know about my past, they always are sorry. I don’t want pity, my past is not what I’m like now, that person doesn’t live in me, just her shadows. But we are diffined by what we have overcome. Only one or two people know my story, if I tell you, then I trust you.

    1. Trust is the highest human emotion . Without trust there can be no relationship . Life lessons . I myself have gone through this experience , however during this journey of walking alone by myself , there were many lessons to be learned which I implemented in my life . It has been a transformational experience .

  2. Ok i would be grateful and blessed if you would trust me without prejudice on you and my part.Stay happy and blessed on what you are and become the best in you .I’m happy to see and good things and changes to others esp to those who are dear to us.God bless

  3. Please don’t pity me or treat me different. Just know that if my behaviour is different that day it’s because I’m dealing with something. Do I want to talk about it maybe not. Tired of being judged by people that are completely inconsiderate.

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