Why are you single.

People ask me, “Why are you singleYoure attractiveintelligent, caring andcreative.” I reply, “I’m over-qualified.”

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  1. I’m single because I got tired of trying to hold onto something that was not mines and until that one who is mines comes along I shall remain an intelligent, good-looking, strong, happy, satisfied single woman.

  2. Am single because I keep talking what’s not really mine so when the rightful owner comes so there live and am now patiently waiting for mine

  3. I’m kind of the same I’m single by choice I would rather wait for the right guy then be with someone who’s the wrong one. Even though I’m single I still remain caring nice , happy 😃 today .

  4. I was in a great relationship with a lovely lady who always encouraged me & had a lovely smile, & we shared in the 12 mths some lovely times…but i became complacent & took it for granted which proved fatal. She’s now with someone else & I’m heart broken with no chance of recovery. I’ll never make that mistake again & I’m still paying the price

  5. From an older divorced mom of adult children – I would LOVE to be in a relationship. However my life is now different than 20 years ago. New responsibilities, aging parents and fiercely independent as I’ve worked hard for all I have. To find a compliment to my life as opposed to a complication. That is my struggle.

  6. I am single because having met Mr. Maybes I decided not to settle. Once you have reached a certain stage where you have matured after struggling to get where you want to be, you ask yourself is this the person I want to be with for the rest of my life? Most often you won’t take the chance of merely closing your eyes and taking the leap when the reality is it won’t be a good partnership. Being single is not bad. In fact you have the freedom of mobility and choices. Occasionally close friends and even acquaintances tell me “you are lucky” Maybe.
    AND YES, I am overqualified 🙂

  7. When you’re older it’s not easy to meet a person who doesn’t have bad baggage – therefore it’s not worth the hassle

  8. I am single by choice, Whether I was over qualified or not who knows. It is not settling for what is less than you wanted. And what you wanted is simple: a mutual give and take relationship, openness, respect. It is what partnership means. So not having a partner I am OK and Yes I am happy. Free and independent.

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