Who stays and who leaves.

It’s during the toughest times of your life that you’ll get to see the true colors of the people who say they care about you. Notice who sticks around and who doesn’t, and be grateful to those who leave you, for they have given you the room to grow in the space they abandoned, and the awareness to appreciate the people who loved you when you didn’t feel lovable.Bottom line: Be OK with giving the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate and respect your presence.


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  1. It’s during the toughest times of your life that you’ll get to see the true colors of the people…

  2. All I can say is AMEN!!! Those words are all true and it sucks that life’s such a bitch sometimes ! But that’s life ! Just gotta keep going !

  3. I was in a serious relationship for 2 and half years with the love of my life. He decided recently that he was not happy and that he felt like he could never love me the way I love him and he didn’t want to try to love. I was and still am head over heals in love with guy. How do you give up on someone that gave up on you? I am so stuck in my head and I still feel like I can fix this between us. I pray every day and night that God takes my pain away and that he shows me how to Love my self. I just feel like its not over. What do I do here? I gave up so much for him and just realizing now that he gave up nothing for me. Why can’t I just give up on him like he did to me?

  4. Hi valerie… Try to move on! Im
    Goin thru d same thing! But i decided for my own best to let go! Be ok with giving the gift of absence to those who do not appreciate and respect ur presence…..as said in this article! Move on as hard as it is but u hav to…ur not alone!!!!

  5. Hi Valerie Guidry,
    I read your comments and I want to help you rise up.
    I understand how you feel, I’ve been there. Yes, its really hard to be in a situation where you are still in love while that person gave up on you. All your dedication of love, time, hopes or dreams for “him and you”.. came to an end. Yes, its hard to give up on someone whom you still love so much. But what I did…..I did not give up on loving that person but I tried and learned to LET GO. I just gave my full effort to love that person unconditionally even if we are not together. I chose true love rather than selfish love because that person is no longer happy with me.. And when we love..we want them to be happy right..even if their happiness is no longer because of us. So, giving up for me… Is different in Letting Go…
    Giving up means ending something like.. You will no longer love him.. That will not happen so easily… It requires time. But LETTING GO… is the key.. Once you let go of the things that hurts you.. FREEDOM is what you will feel. Its normal at first 3months you may still miss him.. But..keep on moving forward… Make yourself busy..happy.. Love yourself… You still have your own life.. HE doesn’t have the key for the door of your happiness.. You have the key..so be happy.. Be more.. Be better! True..its a process.. Endure..you will soon pass this struggle. God Bless! cheer Up!

    1. Wonderful words of wisdom, my passion! Hopes this helps Valerie,because I know it sure spoke volumes to my soul right about now.
      I know for myself, it’s easier to get so caught up in the pain and hurt, not taking a minute to step outside of yourself and think that there could quite possibly be a bigger or better picture. Sometimes it takes an outside voice to bring new light to a aching heart, thank you!

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