Who makes you a priority.

Be with someone who promises to give you laugh lines when you’re old. Who tells you: ” I love you” on a daily basis and proves it. Who makes you a priority. Who uses loving words when describing your relationship. Who uses “when” not “if” when talking about your future together and who is also looking forward to it.

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  1. We live the one beautiful God-given Life with our only one final choice, and reach the finish with all the beautiful , funny, sensible moments shared together.

  2. No promises, promises are mean to be broken . . .Do what your heart rightfully and happily desires , just do it . . . For the one you love . , , unconditional . . ,

    1. I feel the same way. I’m giving my very best to a friend of mine and all he does, is shouting and hurting me with nasty words. He blames me for everything that goes wrong in his life. I give him food, shelter, my friendship. But that seems not good enough. I feel sad en depressed because of his behaviour towards me. Sorry if my English is not correct but I’m not used to write/think in English. I’m for Belgium and normally I write things down in Dutch.

  3. Its so sad we have to go through after doing so much and get no appreciation its a trap that you feel emotionally prisoned in. Have tried so hard to get out of it. Almost had a break down but what is so sad we call man dogs but another married woman claiming to love her husband and family will try to fuck up another woman. What happened to sisterhood. Its sicking

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