Who is willing to hold your hand.

Family isn’t always about blood. It’s about who’s willing to hold your hand when you need it most.

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  1. Indeed….I just wonder what happens now to many families. Anyway, this is the ideal concept of what a family is.

    My husband is having a slight problem in their communication as family. I have the choice not to be so much involved because I’m used to be alone and independent. Besides, I am put into family (by afffinity) bickering should I insist myself on helping them resolve the issue.s, never mind, they can handle it I believe. I would just pray for them..pray for peace and humility.

  2. But anybody who is with sense can always count on me when you need me most, even if I can be alone…even if I am an independent person. I can always share a part of myself..a part of my time for you and with you.

    Generosity is a value we should have to enjoy life.

  3. Generosity is a value we should have to enjoy life, this is right. I think I can´t be alone for long time.I ´m longing for the one who is holdung my hand.

  4. You have those hands commenter Steffi1970- anytime because we have our families with us….as well as selected and trusted friends…

    On my part,I can always say that I can be alone because I am used to it being an only child…though I have lots of friends…I value nice and genuine friends though I am not demanding of their time. I value sharing a part of myself at the most convenient time my trusted friends would ask of it.

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