To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on July 19, 2016 in Picture Quotes

When you’ve done all that you can do, and you still feel like you have so much further to go. When you feel like all that you have to give still isn’t nearly enough. When it seems that you will not be able to keep up everything that needs to be kept up for one minute longer. Stop and breathe. Look, really look at what you are expecting of yourself. You cannot always do it all. You cannot hold everything together perfectly and you cannot be perfectly composed every single day. It’s unrealistic. It’s ok to have “off” days. Bad days will pass just like they always do. There will be a brand new sparking day waiting for you tomorrow. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.
Today it’s time for self-compassion.



  1. Mary July 19, 2016 Reply

    A very good quote only hope that I will be able to fulfill it!!!

  2. Sandra July 20, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the support! I guess you can say I’m in that “ZONE” right now! Only, it’s not me putting too many expectations on myself, it’s other’s (situations that came up I must deal with) that are putting me in that “ZONE”, with a time-frame to meet to make things even more complicated! Hmmmmmmm ….. God did say there will be “Trials & Tribulations”….. I guess my number came up ….AGAIN! I always thank Him for those “Trials & Tribulations” too, because I know there is a lesson in there somewhere He wants me to learn! It’s my job to figure that out, and LEARN from it! Blessings!

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