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Published on May 27, 2017 in Picture Quotes

My point is, when you love someone, when you care for someone, you have to do it through the good and the bad. Not just when you’re happy and it’s easy.



  1. Judith Kiker Kopfman May 28, 2017 Reply

    Caring for someone is extremely exhausting and time consuming. I did this for years with my deceased husband and a friend who had to relocate to NC after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Sometimes I found myself caught up in a
    “Love-Hate Relationship’ – just as we have been known to be with our own children.

    My Mother used to tell me that she loved me dearly, but at the moment she didn’t like me very much. The same can apply to Caretaking experiences. Everyone is not cut out to be a ‘Caretaker’. It is demanding, you have to have sills to handle various situations, and there are a lot of demands and frustrations.

    • Virginia May 28, 2017 Reply

      Yes, I know what you mean, Judith.. I’m a caregiver for my husband,who has Multiple Myeloma Cancer, and I know by
      experience how demanding and frustrating it can be at times.
      Other people that are not or have not goine through what we
      do, will not ever understand what it’s like to be a caregiver…
      it’s not as easy for us caregivers, as what other people may
      think it is…they just don’t know the half of what we have to go
      through with our loved one…Take care..❤️❌

      • Deepak June 25, 2017 Reply

        Understand what you are going through Virginia as a caregiver . My mother has been going through Dementia for the past two years and stays with my sister . Have observed the experience of my sister who has to fulfill two roles in her life , one to take care of her own family and the other to take care of my mother . I do my best to help my sister as a care giver for my mother when I visit my mother . My mother is the last stage of dementia and a time is coming fast when she would be totally bed ridden . It is extremely difficult and agonizing to watch your loved ones going through this suffering and ultimately leaving us . Thank you for who who you are for your husband .

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