When you love and care for someone.

My point is, when you love someone, when you care for someone, you have to do it through the good and the bad. Not just when you’re happy and it’s easy.


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  1. Yoou haventvlived in my shoes
    Or body. Two old people
    Together doesn’t mean everything
    Is hunky dory. NOT WHEN THEY
    OTHER. I’m a good lady just
    NOT strong enough for the
    I don’t care if you belittle
    Me orgossip about me. It is not
    Worth a man hurtihurting every
    Day. Go at it gossip all you
    Want because your worse shape
    Than I’m in.

  2. there are always good and bad times in life. To establish this with love in a relationship is the target. Even if it is hard, love will do it!.

  3. I agree with Judy, sticking it out can wear on a person…
    I have a beloved Aunt who is 70+ years old, recently had a stroke, and loathes/despises her husband.
    Although he may now wait on her hand and foot now, for many (many) years she put up with his behaviors and demands.
    She is now living with regrets of her decision to stay and now having to rely on someone she cannot tolerate for more than a few hours.

  4. No. It is when TWO people love each other. It is a doomed relationship when the love is one sided. When only one loves, it will end, and usually after much abuse from the one who didn’t love.

  5. yes…thru thick and thin…loving in all ways mean sacrifice, acceptance, understanding, forgiving and respect.

    to add the factors of persistence, perseverance, patience, all positive values and everything…so hard indeed…

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