When you have a good heart.

When you have a good heart; You help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much and it seems like you’re the one who gets hurt the most.


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  1. When you have good heart.

    Very true.. It hurts very badly. But at the same time you feel fair enough about good heart which leads to happiness and some kind of peace.

  2. it is very true….and i experience this in my life…though being too good brings pain…i will be the same

  3. My best friend has said to me that I need to change my ways because I’m too good to people and in return I get hurt. She is right, but if I change who I am I will not be true to myself. I just need to be aware of those who take me for granted.

  4. Having a good heart hurts sometimes, yes…
    but not having a good heart gives you even more loneliness and regrets.
    I cannot imagine being afraid to have a good heart for fear of the pain it might cause me. The pain is much greater, should you with hold your heart and only feel things alone. We all have a tendency to hold back after the first blow to our heart. However, eventually you let go again. You tend to cover your heart so it is not so easily seen as being available. But, you know something, the fear you obtain from that blow to the heart may take a long time to recover or a short time to recover…but when it does…and you accept the person that really has feelings for you into your life, it is unbelievable…Ladies…and gentlemen, please don’t ever give up on sharing love. Just be careful to listen to the voice of the heart you are reaching out to, so that you are not fooled by temptation to expect him/her to care if he/she doesn’t.

  5. I agree to that. I had gone through this. The agony is beyond my reach. As time goes by it will heal but the scar will be there forever.

  6. I have finally found the man who can’t hurt me,who won’t hurt me,who accepts me for me and daily makes me strive to be a better person,for myself and him. I have felt hurt,many times,loved too much,given everything,but always had one thing that I never shared until now. That tiny piece of my heart I kept hidden,is now freely given to my partner. I know love,fully now. Thank you Mr Heaven

  7. Doing good is a blessing not not everyone can do it, kind heart is you’re blessed,that doesn’t mean you are stupid,so you are the one to get hurt , cause the Devil is running after you.🙏

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