When you have a good heart.

When you have a good heart; You help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much and it seems like you’re the one who gets hurt the most.


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  1. This is so true. I know from personal experience. Yes it hurts when you give your all and get nothing back in return.

  2. Amen to the post about loving too much caring too much and then we are the ones that get hurt. Been there done that I hope I have finally learned to care for myself more. Thanks for the post Gloria

  3. What do you do??? Do you suck everything up and pretend everything is okay? Or do you try to move on learning it was a lessen to be learned from the past?

  4. That is so true but it can be changed. I once asked a psychotherapist “Why have I ended up with nothing?” His reply was “I have not learnt the golden rule..You give out two and make sure you get one back. If you do not, then drop them”. I agreed with what he said. It prevents you from being used in life. Easy to apply. Regards.

    1. That is great advice and thank you for sharing Katerose. Because I always shake my head when I read quotes about “Not having any expectations”. All relationships/friendships based on love and caring are an ebb of flow of give and take. When you give (of yourself) and get nothing back, (like a vessel) you drain yourself and get empty. Love is a constant flow both ways from each person. Again, thank you for writing in. Brigitte

  5. This is so very true~~~ I speak this because of a “lifetime” of this experience~~~ but, you know what~~~ you just keep on keeping on~~~~~one of these days it WILL be my turn to be happy and not taken advantage of!!

  6. I disagree with loving/caring
    too much. By far I have been rewarded much more than ‘burned’ for my taking the time to lend a listening ear and acting upon it.

  7. Allways tried to don’t give it all. If you love ur self u wil be aware that you also need something benefits you not only for others. and sometimes the thing like this happened when people never really can realized their capability so, they give much

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