When you are having a bad moment, bad day, bad year.

When you are having a bad moment, bad day, bad year, you owe it to yourself to be kind, to be patient, and to be loving. Beating yourself up over mistakes of the past or present doesn’t help you in any way to do better. It’s an act of abuse against yourself, and it will only make you hurt more. Don’t break apart your own soul. Don’t crush your heart into pieces. Please don’t destroy yourself from the inside out. Be gentle with yourself every single second of every moment of every single day. You are learning, you are growing – you will fumble and stumble but I know you can and will rise again. You are worthy of your own attention, care, and forgiveness. If you’ve been treating yourself badly today I really hope that you’ll take this opportunity to no longer speak hate into your life but rather love, hope, healing, and joy.

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  1. I always look into my own heart to see if it is clean before I look into the heart of others . Recently I discovered most peYjat means That takes forgiving ourselves and others, making a plan for changes, prioritizing and ople do clean up their act before pointing fingers at others, Caring for ones self also means taking responsability for what we do and clean up that toxic poison from our hearts so we can move forward in life.

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