When someone rejects or abandons or judges you.

“You don’t need anyone’s affection or approval in order to be good enough. When someone rejects or abandons or judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs, and you don’t have to internalize that. You’re allowed to voice your thoughts and feelings. You’re allowed to assert your needs and take up space. And you’re allowed to remove anyone from your life who makes you feel otherwise.”
— Daniell Koepke

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  1. Thank you.
    We all need reminding of that from time to time.
    It’s ashame some people think other wise n that they have a right to make u feel inferior to them. They need a mirror n a glass window before they cast any stones n judgement on others.
    No one is perfect, we humans make mistakes but we try n that’s the big thing that we try.

  2. If you can reject & estrange your parents. You can not be trusted with other relationship.

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