When she stops caring about your relationship, she’s already moved on.

When she stops caring about your relationship,

she’s already moved on.


A woman that loves you will do anything to work things out with you. If she gets upset, if she’s picking fights, it’s because she cares! The thought of everything not being okay between the two of you is heart-breaking for her, and so she can sometimes get frustrated and worked up just thinking about it.
In her mind, you are everything. Remember that when you feel like she’s overreacting to something you’ve done. She wants to speak about any issues between the two of you because the relationship you have with her is one of the most important things in her life. If anything is wrong, she wants to talk about it. She wants to iron out any issues and have any fights that need to be had, because in the long run she knows it will help the two of you to be closer and stronger. She knows that if you understand each other more, you will have a better chance of lasting as a couple.
So, don’t ever resent her for showing you she wants to fight for your relationship! It means she cares!
This is something that many men seem to be slow to understand. When the woman in your life stops caring about you and the relationship the two of you have together, when she stops trying her to best to be close to you, it’s because she no longer sees you the way she once did. The dreams she had about the relationship the two of you could have had together have been replaced by the stark light of day that is reality. She’s woken up to the fact that you’re not the person she thought you might be, and she’s realized that you never will be that person.
She’s moved on, and she knows the two of you won’t work out the way she once thought you might have done. When she turns around one day and says it’s over, that she’s headed in a different path to you and that there’s nothing you can do to make things work, it’s because she made up her mind a long time ago. She’s decided she deserves better than the way you treat her, and she waited until the time was right to tell you. That’s why she might seem quick to move on; she did her grieving for the relationship you once had a long time ago. She’s already cried all of the tears she had to cry for you, and she’s mourned for the time she spent thinking you were right for her. She’s sad, but she knows what has to be done. She’s prepared to do what’s right for her, even if it’s not what you think is best for you.
She’s ready to live life on her own terms again.
And if you’re left wondering what you could have done differently, trying to work out where you went wrong, know that the signs were all there all along. They were there when she sighed and went quiet in the middle of a fight. They were there when you made her the butt of your joke in front of your friends and she just smiled sadly. They were there when she begged you to listen to her and you wrote her off, telling her that you already knew what she was going to say.
If she no longer seems to care when you hurt her, she’s already made her decision.
Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc.

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    1. Nothing is easy, huh.And when you have found someone to love you again have to fight,! Fight to not stay in the perifery of his life, like all men like to push their women once conquered! I mean how many of us has been pushed away by the “important work, friends and family” that only men seems to have.I am not a feminist but things are really going in a direction where you have to apply a “special skills” for the man’s attention, because there are too many cows and he can buy a milk.

  1. I found out my girl friend was cheating, my love for her was unconditional that I couldn’t stand the reality that we be apart so I forgave her. I believed it was easier to fix a leaking roof than destroying the building to fix the leaking roof. But ever since life has nbeen difficult, she treats me terribly bad and don’t see anything wrong in what she did to me. She stopped caring about our relationship she never calls, while I still managed to play the role of a fool and call her. Lately I made up my mind never to call her and she hasn’t brothered to call either.

    She still calms that she loves me but I don’t believe her. I was faithful, loyal and true to her, but she hurt me so bad. I’m still trying to find strength and the courage to move on but it’s not being easy. She took advantage of my honesty and kindness.

    1. Sorry that happened to you, it’s never easy. Just know sometimes you have to be with the wrong person to find the right person. Good luck

  2. It is sad to say that it happens to both genders. I had a partner whom was broken by a woman before me and we were fine for a few years but then I became his victim in his brokeness. His insecurities and lack of trust and inability to communicate became our relationships demise.
    I loved and I faught for us but you soon become tired, broken and filled with sadness over a one sided desire to be in this love…Relationships are hard to sustain if your not working on it together so I choose to be on my own but havent given up on Love 😊

  3. This are the exact feelings and thoughts running thru my mind, I caught my husband messaging another woman and of course it was my fault! I’m done fighting for something that can’t be repaired! Jaded wife 🖤🖤

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