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Published on November 20, 2018 in Blog1, Picture Quotes

When she finally decides to let go, you won’t get her back


When you’re lucky enough to have a good woman by your side, she’ll do anything for you. She’ll weather any storm, she’ll climb any mountain, and she’ll sail any ocean by your side. She’ll put up with your sh*t for months, if not years. She’ll hold on to the hope that things will improve, that one day you’ll change. She’ll take it, and take it, and take it, until she just can’t take it anymore. Every woman has her breaking point. Even the best of women have a point at which they just won’t put up with the lies, the games, the immaturity, and the distance any more. When they say enough is enough, it’s because in their heart, they know it’s time to move on.
Maybe you have a woman in your life who seems like she puts up with the things you do that slowly push her away. Maybe you have a brilliant woman who’d give you the world if only you’d take it. If you knew just how big her heart was, how deeply and purely she loves, you wouldn’t play the games you do with her. You’d love and cherish her, in the way that someone else looks at her and wishes they could.
She wants someone that is going to always be there for her. Someone that will always have her back, someone that she can rely on. If you’re not all of those things for her, the day will come when she realizes she deserves more.
And when that day comes, you won’t be able to persuade her you can change.
Because when she’s made her decision, she’s given you enough time to change. She’s been making up her mind for months, giving you every indication that she needs more from you than you can give her. She’s watched as you did nothing to change, nothing to make sure her needs are met. When she’s made up her mind, she’s finally sure of what the right thing to do is. She’ll leave.

side view of woman in red dress feeling tranquil, looking at view of finding her peace.flying dress, freedom feelings.

And you won’t get her back.
She deserves to be happy. She deserves to be loved. She deserves to be with someone who fulfils her, who she is truly content with. If you can’t be that person for her, know that when she reaches her breaking point, she’s done. She’s never coming back.
So, if you have a great woman who you don’t appreciate as much as you should, make sure you do everything you can to make it work while she still wants to make it work. Because once she decides it’s game over, you won’t get a second chance.
Written by Maverick, Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc.


  1. ChelC March 27, 2019 Reply

    for 17 yrs, i put up with all the shits our relationship had thrown me – the good and the bad.. back when i was only 21, i made the decision that i will forever be by her side no matter what.. pushing back to 4 yrs ago, i thought thats it because i got cheated on and lied to.. she begged for me not to leave her and was made a promise that she won’t do it.. but just last year, when her dad died, she just broke her promises – lied to me again and keep on denying till now..

    i won’t get her back.. when she dumped me last january 18th, i said to myself thats it! atleast i don’t need to make up an excuse to stay or to go.. atleast i won’t give her the pleasure of hurting myself even more.. and this time it’s for real, that it is finally over and i’m done.

  2. Stak March 28, 2019 Reply

    I can relate. Good for you that you have moved on. Cheers!

  3. Shirley Harrison September 7, 2019 Reply

    This so true its only now in my 60s thzt i see it haha , hope my grandaughters dont fall into that trap, that they will always be themselves warts a d all !!!

  4. Sandy Gerken November 22, 2019 Reply

    I’m reading this at a time I’ve decided I’m done! After 18 years of some good but more bad times, moved out once, came back to empty promises. I’m better off on my own and stronger too. I see now he really doesn’t know he had and what he’s losing.

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