When love is real it doesn’t lie.

When love is real, it doesn’t lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted.

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  1. Sorry, I do not understand this. How can love lie, cheat, pretend or hurt someone? I think people can do this but not love. Love is pure, veritable and true. And why people feel unwanted, is a very specific moment of this individual and can not be generalized. Likewise, the feeling of love is individual and no one can judge the love of another.

    1. Anie, exactly what you said…
      The feeling of love is, as you say, is pure, veritable and true. I agree.
      This is implied so, when the loved one lies, cheats, etc, it makes us question said “love.”

      Hence the quotes introduced in the above article are meant to open eyes of those who are struggling in a relationship they might be trying to salvage.

  2. Its rather how someone in love could lie cheat etc. It isnt love in that person as love or in the name of it dont do such a things to someone you truly love. So yeah then love made us question is or isnt love ? no its just person not in love behave and causing dmg to the sense of love of the others as love could be understand in many ways

  3. Now people love according their needs, physically mantle or whatever they required, true love doesn’t exist

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