When I’m done, there’s no looking back.

When I give, it does not come with strings. I’m not keeping track of what you owe me. When I give, I choose to do so without ulterior motives. I give because I’m genuine. I give because I know what it’s like to be without, to long for and be ignored, to speak and not be heard, to care for and have nothing returned. When I give it’s because I get it. It’s because I know the value in what I have in my heart and I refuse to let the world stop me from sharing that. But when things start being taken for granted. When you no longer appreciate my sincerity. I won’t switch, I won’t get angry, and I won’t be spiteful. I’ll just get smart and I’ll change your role in my life. Because when I give, I’m all in. But when I’m done, there’s no looking back. — Robert Hill Sr.

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  1. All in? … I don’t think so. I usually like posts from Lessons Learned In Life, but I have a problem with this one… Sounds to me like someone who gives often and freely, but now feels that their kindness has been abused or taken for granted one time too many… That happens sometimes, despite the best of intentions. If kindness and generosity is given with “no strings”, what is an appropriate response to being “taken for granted”? Hmmm… Did the poster NOT get the recognition or praise or appreciation they feel they deserved? Whatever is lacking in that relationship, for whatever reason, this person appears bitter and resentful, and more than a bit angry. It appears that someone is indeed– keeping track.

    Granted- there are givers and there are takers. —And then there are some people who just need a little help every now and then and are embarrassed about asking or showing their need/vulnerability. They might feel uncomfortable being on the receiving end- a humbling experience. It might be additionally awkward or embarrassing for them to show appreciation. And yep,—- some “takers” will even try to “shame” someone to give more and more and more, and that is unfortunate, selfish, and detrimental to the relationship. But the “genuine” giver simply gives when the need is exposed and they have the capacity to respond in a generous way. They don’t keep track, and they don’t expect a “thank you” card. They just give because they know they are abundantly blessed and have the capacity to share with those in need

  2. The Dalai Lama says that we should not let people do harm to us as it allows them to create bad karma. I agree with this piece above. I have been intentionally giving to my extended family as I can (and sometimes more than I could afford) for the last several years. The few who have lately tried to bully and manipulate me will find my generosity has been curtailed. I am happy to give, but I will not be used and abused. No malice felt or directed. There are many who need help, and those who receive with an open heart in the spirit with which it is given (and perhaps even pay it forward) will be the ones I spend my time, money and energy on. Wisdom, compassion and loving kindness. There are choices, and there are consequences.

  3. When you are mocked for your genuine happiness and kindness and ridiculed behind your back with a certain group of people and told they hate your guts and all you ever did was love them and try to always give your best to them & for them…… guess you could say I’m done and won’t waste anymore love, time & energy around them anymore!!! Haters gonna Hate….. Lovers gonna Love. They won’t come around to my way of thinking and I certainly wouldn’t want to cross over to theirs!!!! Boundaries set – Heart protected. My giving nature is respected elsewhere. Never was looking for anything in return except LOVE & respect….. which is human compassion simplified. Needless to say, just because you’re family, doesn’t mean a thing sometimes and its ok to walk away from toxic & negative people no matter who they are. Betrayed & stupid don’t have to go hand in hand. Lots of lessons to be learned in life.

  4. When I give to my children all I expect in return is kindness from them. Not being talked to like dirt. I wish my youngest would give me respect instead of crap all the time. She might get treated the same. I treat people the way they treat me, it’s just my nature I cannot change it.

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