When I feel stressed or anxious.

When I feel stressed or anxious, I love to sit near the ocean. It soothes and calms my senses; the rocking motion of the waves help heal my heart as the ocean breeze cleanses my thoughts into perspective.
~Brigitte Nicole

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    I took my son Logan to the boardwalk recently. I needed to be near the ocean after the death of a friend to gain some perspective and maybe, understanding.
    The ocean comforts me and I have flocked to it my whole life when I can’t figure something out. Driving down for the day or for even just a few hours.

    My friend John was 56 years old and I think to myself, to young!
    Logan is 8 and as I watched him having fun I thought……
    He’s got 48 years of life to live by the time he’s 56.
    That’s an awful lot of years!!!

    John died young…that’s true.
    He probably put 2 years of life into every one year he had.

    The ones we love that die can never live long enough….we want them around us always and forever so I’m trying to focus on the fact that John had 56 years and even thru his horrible last 6 years he squeezed enough life out of those years and all the healthy ones as if he was 100 when he passed.
    He was doing “doubles”his entire life.

    I went to the ocean and as usual I found an answer that helped me move forward.

    Love the ocean and all its power…..

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