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Published on June 15, 2017 in Blog1, Picture Quotes

When I chose to let you go, there was no great moment of triumph.
There wasn’t an earth-shattering epiphany that changed my life, where music played and the universe conspired to bring everything together for good.

There was no conflict, no turmoil and no struggle. No internal argument. No weighing of pros and cons. No decision to be analyzed to death—even by me, who cannot make a decision without weeks of obsessive thought over every possible outcome.

There were only two words, when I chose to let you go:

No more.

No more will I measure my worth against your opinion. No more will I be pressed into the shapes you carved for me. No more will I tell my heart to quiet down, ashamed of its clatter. No more will there be blood on my feet from the eggshells I walked on as I tried not to give cause for your disapproval.

No more will I anguish over the ways you misunderstood me. No more will I fight to justify the intention of my heart. No more will I beg for you to see me, the real me—to know me, to love me.

No more will I live my life for you.

When I chose to let you go, there was no holy encounter. The stars did not collapse from the sky and cascade into the oceans. There was no ferocious wind that rattled the walls or blazing fire that consumed all within its destructive path.

There was only quiet resolution, the silent death of leaves that drift to the ground as frost begins to waste them away.
And there I found myself, in the barren ground where you once stood; I came to understand there must be winter.

Winter in all its loss, its grief, its letting go.
There must be a time for old things to die, that new things may be born.

When I chose to let you go, it was for me.

I learned to love myself even when you made me feel I deserved no love. To honor my own needs, my own heart and my own potential. To walk my own path, not yours. To not be pulled back into your confines while my spirit yearned to be free.

When I chose to let you go, I made coffee, ate toast, and folded clothes. I went to yoga and collected my mail and paid my bills. There was nothing out of place on the outside of my ordinary life—no visible change, nothing new or different.

There was only surrender.

One moment.

One breath.

I chose to let you go.

And in doing so, I chose me.

By Kathy Parker
(with permission)

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  1. Kim June 15, 2017 Reply

    Love this! ❤️

  2. Stacry June 15, 2017 Reply

    Thank you as the tears roll down my face thks is me I’ve let go.

  3. Tina June 16, 2017 Reply

    I have just chosen to let go, it’s rather scariest thing in the world but you have given me hope x thank you

  4. robert June 17, 2017 Reply

    ive been waiting for years the relationships ive had have all failed why because i love someone deeply…yes we are close im sure she knowes how i feel..ive let waiting and dont care how long it will take to be with her it may take years or days ill wait till eternity im real and ready to change my life for her give her my heart and soul my life my joy my love yes its yours

    • Janeway June 18, 2017 Reply

      Shall I call you but would you accept to be honest and open… I m fine to give up, take a chance and talk to you straight…

    • Janeway June 18, 2017 Reply

      She loves you because you are YOU… Not for who you ll change into.

  5. David Robinson June 19, 2017 Reply

    That was beautiful and captured the essence of my personal situation.

  6. Diana November 24, 2017 Reply

    Meaningful words…”enough is enough”…I had to and feel much more relaxed.

  7. Atie October 3, 2018 Reply

    I have just chosen to let him go. Cos I love myself and I know my worth. Enough is enough…I feel free now…

  8. Peter mutale October 27, 2018 Reply


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