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Published on May 28, 2019 in Blog1, Picture Quotes, Revive

When a strong woman says goodbye,

there is no turning back.

Strong women aren’t like ordinary women. They’re in a whole different league.

They’re tougher than the rest of us. They’re wiser. They’re more likely to stick to their principles. They don’t put up with sh*t from anyone, but especially from guys that want to ty and mess them around.
They don’t find their whole worlds caving in when it’s time to walk away from a relationship. They cry, but they don’t beat themselves up. They might fall down, but they always get back up again.
Strong women don’t take men back once they’ve said it’s over. When they’ve made a decision that they decide is best for them, they stick to it. They know that they’ll be happier in the long run. They have the strength of will and determination not to fold and fall back into their ex’s arms at the first sign that they want them back.
A strong woman takes responsibility for her actions. She won’t be shy to blame you for whatever is your fault, but she’ll hold her hands up and admit her own mistakes. She won’t beg you to say. She won’t even ask you. If you don’t want to be with her, it’s your loss – and she knows that all too well.
She’ll encourage you to leave if she thinks it’s the best thing for either of you. She knows that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. She knows that sometimes breakups are for the best. She understands that everyone deserves to feel happy and fulfilled, so if you decide you want to leave she’ll accept it.
She knows that life goes on. She knows that she deserves someone who wants her, someone who sees the value in her. She knows that she deserves someone who wants her as much as she wants them.
A strong woman understands that the right people will stay in her life, and the others are there to learn lessons from and then go separate ways. She’ll mourn her losses while she has to, and then put on her game face and get back into life with the same zest she’s always had for it.
Every setback she faces inspires her to push forward and achieve her goals. She knows that everything that doesn’t kill her only makes her stronger.
That’s why she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and carries on, no matter what she goes through in life.
When she’s facing the end of a relationship, she doesn’t dwell on what could have been. When she decides to turn around and leave, there’s no coming back. She’s made her decision.
Because when it’s over for a strong woman, it’s over.

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©


  1. Natali May 29, 2019 Reply

    Classic example of
    ‘Narcissistic Sociopath’

  2. Natali May 29, 2019 Reply

    Highly intelligent, amazingly wiser than all of us, that’s why they are not ordinary people. They are very skilled at using the definitions of emotions such as joy, sad, exciting, or even crying . That is why the are able to cry but don’t beet themselves up. Their anger and rage is far beyond what we experience. They get very scary upon their anger, this is the only emotion that they do not use the concrete definition of the word to manifest itself.

    Their rage is extremely scary and subsides quickly that it makes it hard for people to understand it. The frontal lobe of the brain of Narcissistic Sociopaths is not developed like the ordinary people, and that is why they have no feelings for others or their feelings. They are amazing manipulators but they present themselves as great ‘communicators’. Master manipulators in every situation with every one.

    Next time you think that above article is
    about ‘Strong Women ‘, think again.
    You might have been in a relationship with a mentally challenged creature.

    • Bonita777 June 8, 2019 Reply

      Wow disagree with U and a strong secure woman sets clear boundaries leaves and does not accept less than the best. Strong confident woman/people do not allow others to Lowe their self worth to tolerate disrespect of any kind. This is something I have worked on for many years and sincerely finally MIRRIOR this article. I wasted most of my life not setting good limits or boundaries and have rescued myself 💯 %. 👊💎✌🏻✨✨✨

  3. Wayward wanderer May 31, 2019 Reply

    Strong women redefine this society, its decisions and they are leading thinkers. If being with self respect is the “NEW Sociopath” then I am one.

    • Natali June 22, 2019 Reply

      Classic example of
      ‘Narcissistic Sociopath ‘,
      That’s is why they are highly intelligent and master manipulators.

  4. Philly June 28, 2019 Reply


    A Narcissist sees others as a means to validate their existence. The less validating you are, the less use you are to them.
    A Sociopath views others as entertainment. the less entertaining you are, the less use you are to them.
    Both the Narcissist and the Sociopath need to dominate and control others. They will both exploit you with no remorse and have no conscience while doing it. My advice (for what it is) Learn to recognize the difference. Being a strong person does not lump you in with these types of people. So do not validate or entertain these types. Stay clear of them. Once you get caught by one, it is hard to get away. Avoid them both at all costs and if they manage to bring you into their den, run like hell. “Strong” people can be mistakenly mistook for the (NS) if you are unable too recognize them. imho. Being a guy who is in a loving committed relationship with a strong woman I can see the difference.

    • Natali July 2, 2019 Reply

      Good for you!
      And Good Luck!

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