When a strong woman feels unwanted, she won’t beg, she’ll just walk away.

When a strong woman feels unwanted, she won’t beg, she’ll just walk away.


So many women don’t recognize or understand what they’re truly worth. They place so much value on being in a relationship with a guy that they’re willing to allow themselves to be messed around endlessly.
It’s a heartbreakingly common scenario. A guy that treats his wife or girlfriend like sh*t, and the woman who puts up with it and allows herself to remain stuck in the same sorry place – no matter how much she might wish things were different.
Even women that aren’t in relationships can fall victim to this trap. Almost every straight woman has been through the experience of talking to and dating a guy they really like that seems to keeping them at a distance. One minute everything is great. Sparks are flying, there’s tension in the air, and you start to dream that this guy might actually be the one for you. The next, he’s blanking your texts, leaving calls unanswered, and doesn’t seem to want to meet up.
Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, if a guy is playing games with you, there’s only one thing that needs to happen. You need to realize just how valuable you are.
You need to know your worth. You need to have the self-respect to stop allowing people to treat you with anything less than love, respect, patience, kindness, and honesty. If a guy isn’t over the moon at even having the chance to talk to you, then walk away. Don’t settle for someone that isn’t willing to put as much effort into things as you are. They clearly don’t value you as much as you value them.
It’s normal to cry. It’s normal to beg. It’s normal to tell yourself that you’re done with him, only to find that you desperately want him back and your heart races every time you see a message from him.
Be the woman who loves herself. Be the person who won’t settle for someone so immature that they don’t recognize a great catch when they see one.
If he’s ignoring you, if he makes you his last priority, if you see him constantly disrespecting you, or taking you for granted, or using you, then don’t give him any more chances to change. Don’t let him fool you into thinking he really cares. If he cared, he’d have shown you from the start. Walk out the door and never look back.
So many guys will push their luck as far as they can. They’ll see how much they can bend you before you break. It’s only once you’ve had enough and finally tell them that you’re done with their immaturity and selfishness that will acknowledge they’ve been horrible to you. They will sense they’re about to lose you (or, at least, the things you do for them and the way you make them feel good about themselves) and will cry and beg and promise you that they’re sorry and that they will change.
If a man truly respects you, it’s obvious. It’s in every word he says. It’s in everything he does. He will consistently show you that he loves you, that he prioritizes you, and that you mean the world to him. He will be kind to you, he will be patient with you, and he will be honest and sincere and open.
Don’t keep getting your heart broken by someone who’s not even willing to really give their heart to you. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by some scumbag who’s only using you for their own gratification.
Know your worth. Find someone who truly loves you. Find someone who truly wants you. Someone who will treat you like the diamond you are and not a piece of trash.
Written by Maverick, Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©️

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  1. I am in same situation . I trying to walk away but my heart can’t accept it. Still i am waiting for a response. He doesn’t consider me , value me everything I know but my true love not leaving me to go.

  2. Thanks for this post. I truly agree with the author, I am also going through a phase which has been described. I met a guy on train, and it all started like in the movies, we kept seeing each other here and there, and turned out that we are working at the same place. Then, he asked me if I want to join him to see a museum. Anyways, I was so happy, I really attracted to this guy and we were ‘on a date’ ( I was thinking back then) in a contemporary art museum, it was like best-first-date ever, and we enjoy each other’s company a lot. He kept texting me, almost everyday and since we are taking the same train to go to work and come back, we used that time to know each other better (at least I did). But, something was off, since he never really initiated to ask me out for weeks although he would say let’s try this or have drinks etc. I realized I was the one trying to set up meetings. Months followed as we are constantly in contact, he would tell me about his family and his problems at work, or existential dilemmas etc., though never about relationships. Then, he initiated dinners, once he invited me a concert, so a few times we were out together. But, never got physical or him making any compliments to me, so they were like dates, we are drinking wine, looking at each others eyes, talking about life… Once I wrote it sounds very kitschy, however, I felt a really nice connection. He was sending me songs, or some articles that I might find interesting, or pictures of a view or a building he finds interesting and wanted to share with me. So, I was feeling cared. Then, time to time he left my messages unanswered for hours, so this is another sign that I am not the priority in his life. But, I tried to put up with all of the things that bothered me. I made up my mind to talk with him about his confusing behavior, before I said anything he just randomly said his ex-girlfriend has just moved back with him since a week, and they have no idea how things will go, either being a roommate or who will move etc. So, I asked him whether will they be back together, and the answer is just “no, I do not think so”. I was in shock, then really understood that all those time (like 4 months) he was just using me to get some attention, to feel comfortable to expose his fears, problems or etc. So, bottom line, I was feeling it from the beginning, but never had the courage to face it and take an action. For 4 months, I was in between, suffering because of his friendly, but also equally not friendly behavior. Just be aware of emotional use, if someone is showing you some attention, but not showing you a real attention, there are chances that person is using you emotionally.

    1. Lesson learned . For me it was my divorce . Married to a man for 33 years . Bipolar. Crazy life Our four children all off last one gone to college. Blessings from all . Life was new and exciting. I was happily introduced to a man . Clean white shirt . Loved to go out with me . I thought it was to good . It was . He is a realtor. Helped me sell my buildings from my marriage . Saw me do a flip house . I bought some other buildings through him . Bought a place to live through him . Vacation, a sports car . And more . Weekends a away. Fun at the bar later in the week . … all on me . Didn’t like my children . ( Have you met them ? They are lovely ) I wanted love so bad . I didn’t want to see the signs . He loved the money . I worked to support the fun . I hurt my arm broken and surgery on my shoulder. My hair career came to a screeching holt . And so did his everything. Stitches and pain . He’s complaining that he can’t get to the bar . Wow . A week of being in pain and no help . I figured it out . I booked a trip for us to Florida. Through the check in with my stitches and sling . Long week shall we say . Time to go home . I sent him home alone . This took all I could to get away from this narcissist man . Four months later I’m back in town . CLosing out my life here . Crushed to think i could be so foolish . But I look at it as a couple of years I missed as a young adult . Disgusted in the man I picked .

  3. It’s really easy to say but very difficult to do.I’ve tried it many times to let him go.but still my heart doesn’t listen to my mind.😔

  4. Sometime one guy may be wrong. In some cases two or three guys may be wrong. However, if one encounter this kind of treatment with many, then it’s really time for introspection what really is going wrong. Serious guys do not want to spoil relationship but fault lies on other side of fence too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m also in the same condition , but it really hurts a lot 🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔 can’t get away or can’t move on… As due to having kid’s..

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