What’s truly missing in your life?

Our life will never be perfect. It does not mean we will never find happiness but most of us ARE missing an element or two we would love to have in our life. Whether it is closer relationships, more self-confidence, the need for spirituality or other things – there’s always an element we’re all striving to find. Do you have one? Even if you think you don’t, this test may tell you differently…


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  1. Man, as they say can never be satisfied. Despite the generosity of blessings that God has given us, still we would say there is …or there are lots of missing things in our lives.

  2. Radical self-expression.Deep inside the …inside of the inside.Most inner thoughts and ideas, tallents and possibilities I ‘ve blocked to be easier for others to understand.To satisfy their expectations.To make them glad and happy to be alive, cause this is what I strongly wish to create -happiness and life around and everywhere.It’s not me serving to some purpose, no, I don’t find it delightful, it’s me implemented in pure love and centered in the Harmony and stability.I want to achieve this first so I can go on and reveal the deeper thoughts and ideas.Without the stability of one, nothing goes out.

    1. You seem to be a very deep person commenter Petya…having blocked something for an inner real purpose you defend. Such a great sacrifice….

      Happiness and life around and everywhere…great values you have…

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