What life is all about.

Life is not about riding in a BMW or Porsches. It’s about walking on a cold pleasant night, holding hands with your loved one, chatting, murmuring and whispering. Life is not about enjoying Five Star dining. It’s about, enjoying, laughing to your heart’s content, a simple coffee shop with all your friends, talking about everything and nothing. Yes, the joy you get here, you will not get in any of the world’s restaurants. Life is not about purchasing a luxurious huge gift on your wife’s birthday. It’s about the way you hold her in your arms, that one passionate hug and a gentle kiss. The loving words you whisper into her heart and making her feel loved. Life is not about having a night’s stay in an expensive luxury hotel. It’s about falling asleep in the arms of the one you love. Life is not about wearing an expensive couture bridal dress. It’s about saying those special vows and living by them through the good times and hard times. Life is not about wealth, property, money or richness. It’s about friendship, love, family, trust, faith and the little things that bring the biggest miracles into our lives.

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  1. What life is all about?-It’s is ALL about finding that special one that you want ASAP to experience your inner world , his enthusiasm about the world surrounding you both, and turning it into one idea of a better life on Earth.Thats’s what IT IS ALL about.And if you does find this person..opportunity to be yourself, but United with someone ,seriously take that chance, put this diamond on a pedestal, fight for her or him.Let yourself bleed, feel alive.Life passes too very fast to miss the opportunity to make something good for someone, that you care for.Let it be your last legacy, everyday.Till it becomes the mere truth.

  2. Could not be said any better, material things do not mean anything and they don’t bring happiness. I’ve been giving most of my life, problem is usually to people who truly don’t appreciate it. Love and never hate is what makes life great.

  3. Nice comments commenters Petya and Guy Masters…the deeper meaning of life is finding and knowing someone who could make your life more colorful- happier and complete…let us keep on doing good for someone..

    Indeed, love makes life great….and worth living.

  4. Thank you for this post. i think Petya and Guy said already all important things. I´m 100% with them. When I read all this it´s like reading of another world. A world I always believed in, but only in my head and heart not directly in the world I live in. It will be hard work to create import this world in the real world and it need a lot of skill, to survive this. But I´m sure it is worth!

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