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Content Scraping

Since Lessons Learned In Life has a lot of original content, I thought it would be advisable to state the rules, laws and definition of content scraping. I ask all website owners and publishers, please do not copy and paste any material from this website  without my permission.

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Definition – What does Content Scraping mean?

Content scraping is an illegal way of stealing original content from a legitimate website and posting the stolen content to another site without the knowledge or permission of the content’s owner. Content scrapers often attempt to pass off stolen content as their own, and fail to provide attribution to the content’s owners.

Content scraping can be accomplished via manual copy and paste, or may use more sophisticated techniques, such as using special software, HTTP programming or HTML or DOM parsers.

Much of the content that falls prey to scraping is copyrighted material; reposting it without the copyright owner’s permission is a punishable offense.