What I love you means.

“I love you” means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means loving you when you’re down, not just when you’re fun to be with. “I love you” means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them, asking in return that you do not judge me for mine. It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let go. It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping you feel the same way for me. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer

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  1. I love you so much…I have all the privilege of loving you in the way specified.

    So nice emotional poetry of expression.

  2. I do not understand how to explain that I have no feelings at all for anyone how much ever I try.
    I want you to move on and i know that you may want good for me. I scold you treat you so bad so you get away but you are not… I have no option left with me now.
    You are a wonderful person, only that a bit too flirty with every woman you see. But i am sure if you get a woman for yourself you will be true to her and change your life for good of others.
    I have not connected with you to cheat you but for a different reason, but after talking to you, reading your notes felt it was not required.

    What you are showing me now is pity and concern because you somewhere feel you have hurt me. Its quite human but answer is everything was pre-destined. You have not done anything.

    What your first love did to me, was her insecurity. But she does not realise what it has left me to face with. And What my marriage did to me must also be due to insecurity and may be fear for similar reasons. It has left me abandoned from my owns. Unfortunately both of these characters in my life believed in evil forces, than honest sharing of feelings but they do not understand how it leaves others for lifetime.

    I cannot explain myself more clearly than this, I have no intent to be part of anyones life anymore. I do not have any love feelings to share please dont bother about me. It hurts me, because I dont want anyone to interfere. Thanks for reading.

      1. No one can understand my situation and what i am chasing in life. But one thing, I am sorry I dont want him back or his pity. When a person loves someone dearly they dotn let them go or dare to see them belong to someone else. And when he has gifted me a life I will take care that i dont come back to him at any cost.
        I dont want mercy or someone to sacrifice their ideology for me. Love is not ppity sir, its from heart. Its trust, its believing the other and not calling them immature or insane for the fault of ours…

  3. Worthless, may I ask for what reason you connected then? And why did you not stop it earlier when you saw it gives problems?

    1. The reason I connected was to ask his support. I was being abused repeatedly by a family member whom with he was supposedly in good connection after faking my love.

      In the past, I did not even know then. me and my mother were given not so true information and told only one liner everytime that he dint like me and wanted to get rid of me since i was behaving immature and creating trouble for his family.

      I could not tolerate at a point when i was threatened that my past secrets was in their hands and so then i decided to bring that person and ask what are those secrets ? God knows my love for him was so pure and never have i done anything that anyone feels ashamed of. His heart knows that When he said he has no love for me, i did not even argue but respected him and his decision. I thought he deserved better.

      It was my trust on him that i connected with him after years. Not to cheat, I thought he would have moved on by now and will be with a family and I trusted that he would at any time talk truth and tell everyone that there was nothing worth dirty in the past to be threatened.

      But then my fate dint let me do that as well. I know it was an emotional decision which i should not have done, but then i m sorry. Later I realised that i need nor prove anything to anyone, because people who lose their senses in jealousy dont deserve any respect.

  4. Commenter m, love is not materialistic or for pleasure. Its about being true no matter what comes. Its about feeling real and honest, and not marrying out of force or one sided doing injustice. I have unfortunately met love which never ever existed. I had fallen in love with a person who was not in love with me.

    The only question that bothers is when i never forced him, or argued to win him forcefully, but left to his decision, why did he complain about me.
    why did he fear tat i would bring bad name to his family, and why did he approach another family at the least he could have expressed his concern to my parents. Is it fair and human to talk about a person to their relatives when you know that it is a different family altogether ?

  5. I´m so sorry for your feelings, worthless, I do not really understand everything you wrote … it seems to be a complicated situation.
    I’m assuming that you two are not bad people who have made a bad thing for some selfish or material reason. If that were the case, then it gets even more complicated as it was just a misuse on one side.
    I assume that it is true love that you feel (both in giving and in taking), then it is obvious that the communication is bad, possibly falsified and sowed doubt and anger.
    No one gives up his life and relies on a love of compassion. That’s nonsense. You take a sick dog out of pity, or an old cat, but his love, his life, you give only someone you like from the heart, you admire, the one who excites you.
    If it’s real love, the other’s motives and background story do not matter … it’s just love.

    1. Its not complicated but simple for the one who wants to understand. Who is honest and intends to have a true conversation not with other names or through friends.

      Yes may be we are not bad people. But what i am trying to say is nothing can be undone and there is no strength to fight and prove we are right in taking a step together. I dont want another life when GOD wanted me to live with this. I am fine alone, I am fine with what GOD has given me.

      I dont want him to waste his time on me thats it. Because i dont want to have a partner or family or anything. I am loving to be alone now, and jsut counting the END for everything, I am sure if i am true GOD WILL help me.

  6. I feel bad for worthless but I understand. I feel pretty worthless also. At least worthless seemed to have had a chance. I can not find any female to have any type of relationship with, let alone to find out what love is. I am 57 years old and never been in love, have not even been able to find a date in decades. I get recently divorced women who decide to flirt with me and “just being nice” with me but none who will actually go on a date with me. I am tall, thin, blonde, tanned, college educated, sweet, nice and told that I am handsome but nobody will ever give me a chance. I have been disabled for 22 years due to chronic pain and even though it is not visible if a girl finds that out any hope of a relationship is lost. People tell me to pray, that has not worked; people say be patient she is just around the corner, 57 years is a ling time to be patient and how long do I have left. They say it will happen when you least expect it, but if a female shows up and can do everything that appears like she is interested until I ask her out and then it is all over. Before I became disabled I had females ask me out all the time, now I can’t find anybody that I am attracted to that will even get a freaking cup of coffee with. I worked too hard when I did date and did not find the one I thought I could spend the rest of my life with, thought when I found her I would be willing to spend less time working. I just do not believe there is one for me. I just fell for one who strung me along and misled me by overtly flirting with me and basically attacking me when she saw me but once I asked her out I find out she had a boyfriend for a while even though she was acting the way she was toward me. I am tired of women treating me like this. I just want one chance to fall in love and treat someone and be treated the way I think one is supposed to be treated within a loving relationship.

    1. I think you did not want to try first but realise late now. Otherwise you had so many options. Definitely there is some reason hidden in your heart for all this. I pray you get the best.

  7. This is very sad packfan32,
    i find everything here online is complecated, we do not know each other and hope that our love is around or someone can help. But sometimes it will just make everything worse, because of misunderstandings.So I think I will sooner or later leave and not be so fixed on online solutions. But one thing packfan32. If you are ill if you have any physical or psychological so called “handicap”, you should know, that this is never ever a reason to stop loving someone. Of course the first contact may be more difficult, but once someone recognized your real you inside, he will love you like you are. Maybe you can find someone online, or with help of an agency…but try to date an see this person soon, don´t stay in love online if you wish a real love outside. And do not be so severe with yourself, learn to love yourself again.

  8. worthless I want to understand. Nothing can be undone, that’s right. And if you feel guilty for something you have done, ask for forgiveness. But then life goes on and if love, for whatever reason, asks for someone, it can not be wrong. Why should God so strengthen that feeling when it is wrong? You mean God wants to see you suffer? No, he certainly does not want that!

  9. An open heart can be hurted very easy, I learnt that and to tell a heart to be humled is also very difficult when it is burning, but I know, that you are much more wiser than me, ARLENE. But I own a humblement aswell, maybe it is not in my heart, but it let me know, that peace and happiness is the highest purposes.

    1. Correct commenter m…life is so short for our hearts to let anger and hatred occupy a space in our hearts..but humans as we are- allow these for a while…but let us choose…..love…love…love…99.99%…..

  10. “Honesty is the best policy”…
    maybe honesty goes to obstruct something that I dreamed of, but if you’re not clever enough to understand, you should not do nonsense and try to be honest to others and yourself…I say try, because truth is a difficult subject, because truth itself is very personal and subjective…

  11. for good? What does it mean, that it is finishes forever and you are good? … well then everything is fine with you, right?
    What do you worry about when it is finished?
    I know it is good to talk about it because we a need of flow and if you cannot give your love, you have the need to talk, write or whatever about it. And also you want to listen to other thoughts, because you think it could help. But surely you are already so far to know that everything that I or anyone else is writing here is absolutely insignificant for you, because we do not know your story / reality and truth…so we can not judge at all.
    Everyone has to decide for him/herself, to recognize and judge, and if we only realize that we do not recognize anything, because we are simply ignorant. The nice thing about this realization is that everyone else, no matter how smart and intelligent this person is, is just as stupid in relative terms.
    Relationships mean chemistry to each other and to let it flow. I am so far that I can only accept love as love, if it flows … if it is given and taken … if nothing flows, there is nothing … except the pain that there is a blockade of the flow …. so let it flow and if it can not flow, there will be nothing left at all….

  12. Hmmm…mwybe commenterm….forgood as I am trying to reach out but closure is offered….pride maybe…as I had already humbly asked for forgiveness but to no avail…

    All I can say is that, every person who came into my life, whom I met along the way, is a jewel…a precious memory…and the moment of friedship, short as it may be is a part of history…traceable….

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