What do you do.

What do you do after you’ve given all that you have and you have nothing left to give. After you’ve tried and you’ve tried, after you’ve cried and you cried and that day finally comes when you realize that this is not how you want to live your life…
what do you do? You see, sometimes it’s not about having the strength to hold on, it’s about having the courage to let go.
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  1. Give upon ur ego and talk. With no expectations but as a friend. Nobody would say no if your approach is wise direct and from the heart. The pain is when trying to conceal something and showing the world something else. Release it, be yourself

  2. When a relationship start to crumble everything one has tried to keep it together has failed then its time to set it free if it is meant to be God will bring them back together so don’t waste your tears on fighting for a relationship that has taken a turn away from you it its maeant it will flourish once again.

  3. A real partner.Who knows me as the back of his hand.And if I an cut, he will reap a piece of his shirt to bands me.

  4. You do what you do and take care of your part of the relationship.It’s natural to have times when the other part has to do the necessary.But you always decide together what this necessary would bring.

  5. I had a nightmare last night that I was chasing my ex with a needle and trying to damage his you know whats so that he couldnt go to bed with this dirty flirty cow how used to flirt with him infront of me and her husband. I was only 16 and beautiful she was an old tart with 2 kids and it left me feeling like a piece of sh..! This all happened in in68 and it still comes to my mind as he made me feel inferior and it was the opposit, he was the inferior one and Im only just realing that and |Im 65. I was 15 when I met him and I thought the world of him He is now on to his 3rd wife who is like him a hard nosed tart.!

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