Weak, strong and intelligent.

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.

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  1. don´t know, why always the same saying without the old comments? Ignoring is for someone, who does not care at all, because he just wants to understand for himself, he does not want to change anything..he just want to be wise thats all! Look on rising kids…ignoring?????? revenge????? both impossible…strong people forgive and try to communicate…but of course only if people are important for them…and this is the point, not all people can be important!!!

  2. And as an aside, one more thing: If the person is so wise that he ignores, then why did he interfere in the first place … the pure observer and analyst would not interfere or manipulate at all…. I read something recently … the worst people are those who do think they are good, but they are not! …. all a matter of perspective and yes, I am probably such a bad person, probably most of humanity!

  3. m, you’re right, thank you for sharing, help me out to stop been a coward, I that type of person, that think is good and it’s not, I can’t communicate with my wife, she’s stubborn as heck, irritant, selfish, mock of our kids and me all the time, extremely unpredictable on her behavior, narcissist, wow.! Mmmgh I got all tangled sorry.!

  4. Really – intelligent people ignore?
    So when conflict arises, I am just supposed to ignore 1) an obvious tension, 2) whatever the need of my counterpart is, 3) my feelings in that situation, 4) the reaction of my counterpart as a result of my ignorance, and in case of repetition 5) the continuous strain on the dynamic/relationship?
    I suppose that makes me intelligent in a world where intelligence is a synonym for ignorance and where compassion and initiative stand for stupidity.

  5. I’m assuming that the statement above is logical, and not emotional.
    Yet, if you combine both the logic and the emotion = peace(for yourself).
    You’re responsible for your action, and reaction. Not anyone else’s, you can’t control the mind or someone else’s intuition(prerogative).

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