To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on November 20, 2014 in Picture Quotes, Quote of the Day

“If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that sometimes, the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places. I’ve learned that the most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons; that our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth; and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship and love can make room for the most wonderful people. I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope. And I’ve learned that no matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things seem, we can’t give up. We have to keep going. Even when it’s scary, even when all of our strength seems gone, we have to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward, because whatever we’re battling in the moment, it will pass, and we will make it through. We’ve made it this far. We can make it through whatever comes next.”
-Daniell K.


  1. Margaret November 20, 2014 Reply

    So encouraging!

  2. Barbara November 20, 2014 Reply

    Today is the best day of the rest of my LIFE Thank God ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡》》》》》》

  3. Johanna Kidd November 20, 2014 Reply

    Today is better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow..

  4. florena November 20, 2014 Reply

    It just made my tear drops… i wont give i keep my faith to Him i believe i hope and i pray everything will be ok.

  5. Arjen November 21, 2014 Reply


  6. nd February 23, 2015 Reply

    Wow, i do so hope that this can be truth. even though it doesn’t feel so now. read w HOPE.

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