Walking on eggshells.

I spent so many years walking on eggshells… never doing or saying the right thing. One day I decided I’d had enough and stomped all over them. Those broken eggshells cut me deeply as I walked away… but this… was the most beautiful pain I had ever felt.
-S.L. Heaton

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  1. Doing or saying the right thingit is so hard. Especially if you know exactly what you want, but you do not know how to reach it.

  2. Most often times we put our all into pleasing and making others happy then in return those same people are Our Downfall, because we are living with our enemies without even knowing it. Therefore, I commend those who have the guts to walk away.

  3. I´m making a pause on walking on eggshells. Just to plan my way running over them. I will not go back, where I already left. I´m just standing to organize, this does not hurt. But it hurts, not to know if I will arrive at a locked door afterwards

    1. I can help you. What is locked door ? What organize you are doing ?
      All you have to do is probably reach out to the person as a friend and talk what you feel. No one ignores a friend, believe me.
      After all, do you ever want to end this life with a hidden feeling rather than talking out and explaining how you dont intend wrongly. Especially when its anyways no more a secret maybe, its all already understood and decoded.
      Who knows together working you win a path ?

      You will walk out proud and no guilt or burden remains. I did this years ago, though the result was hurting atleast till today i dont feel the pain that i had not reached out to him to tell the truth. I attempted, may be not a planned attemp for i was very spontaneous. Thats enough for me toady, I did tell what i mean though it was not acceptable then.

      1. Call the persons number and say i want to talk. Express friend request on social websites ping them and ask them if they are willing to talk. Nobody ignores direct messages text messages if you are directly approaching. Always people take support from someone else which hurts them. Maybe, you need to be direct and open. Again, there is no one who ignores a friendly call.

  4. Like, I am also looking for some career guidance but not sure whom to approach. Someone reliable and who knows the market and trends well, can measure how much risk i can take knowing my ability and ambitions.
    But then I cant approach for the fear people wont be direct and may take disguises to talk.

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