Two kinds of forgiveness.

There are two kinds of forgiveness. The kind when you forgive and you give them another chance or the kind you forgive but you move on without them. Use them both wisely. S.B.

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  1. I think it so true about that. Just walked out of a 27 years of marriage on aug.1 2015. I left and i choose to live with some peace joy and kindness. I am not holding any grudges. I just am moving on. I have lived many year being controlled by a verbally,emotionally,financially abusive. Been threatened to be hit, told to get out of his house many times more than i can count. The final straw was when he challenged me to a fight cause i so bad ass he wanted to see how bad ass i was. So i told him i was leaving and i would show him how bad ass i was without throwing a punch. I packed my stuff and moved me and my kids in with my mom till i could find a place.i am filing for legal aid to start my divorce and i am not looking back even though he wants me to come back and i tell him no way. I will not put up with that no longer but i dont have to forgive because it taught me i have to stand up for myself and finally stop the cycle that he really has no problem dishing out.i really look forward to some peace and happiness one step at a time. It is so nice not to be screamed at 5 or 6 in the mornings and a daily list of why i am so bad of a person etc. Things he created in his mind. Will not miss the angry environment and getting to enjoy life again without being micromanged. I look for better horizons with beauty and happiness surounding me.

    1. I know how that is…just getting out of a the same thing.starting over ducks but it’s better then being w a miserable person. Surrounding myself w good people something he tried to take away from me so I couldn’t see I was always a good person…just not with him.

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