Truth is, love is this.

When I was little, I thought love was about roses and expensive dinners. Truth is, love is giving her half your fries when she said she wasn’t hungry. It’s waking up at 4am to her snoring and refraining from shoving her off the bed. It’s talking in accents just to make her laugh, and trying to embarrass one another in public. It’s going on adventures, and making fun of each other. It’s stupid fights and memorable make ups. Love isn’t pretty and romantic. Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend.

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  1. this is a lovly, funny but very true expression…and it is much more romantic than expensive dinners and roses!!!

  2. So true!

    Whoever made up this quote, couldn’t have said it better: “It’s just the ‘little’ things in life that make things SPECIAL and GREAT!”

  3. The best and honest poems read here were “happiness was not a person, or thing, but a mood” and “ two people who never intentionally meant to hurt the other” that’s just being honest…the decisions we make in life aren’t always right…I know my words mean nothing without actions… my head always seemed to struggle against my intuition… something I just couldn’t understand or confused…you brought me up and gave me motivation going forward… then the healing came I seemed to change… lost my own identity personality…wanted to fight for and didn’t…I agree love can only grow when you get to know someone…reading hints and minds really misconstrues facts of which I don’t know and wished I had… if communication was real maybe life would have a chance…the unknown person you are caused me to pick up a novel and read it( first pleasure reading I have done in years) usually it’s business crap so dry and dull) can’ wait to finish it, it’s “See Me” only know it’s a love story…Colin and Maria only at chapter six… maybe I can read more this weekend… forgot how interesting reading can be… I need to thank you for that and sincerely apologize if anything I wrote or stated ever hurt in anyway…there will always be a kind place in my heart for you, true and thank you… wishing only goodness for you. Sorry!

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